Unapologetically Me

Unapologetically Me Book

  • Title: Unapologetically Me
  • Author: Danesha Little
  • Genre: African American Romance
  • Length: 381 pages
  • Publisher: Joriana Publishing
  • Publication Date: March 17, 2019

Unapologetically Me – Synopsis

Unapologetically Me Book

For as far back as she can remember, Fatima Ward has been told that she would be a doctor. She has never challenged that path and secretly fulfills her love of telling stories online. While working on a fanfiction story using real-life rapper Jericho, she finds comfort in a new reader as her personal life implodes around her. Jericho was born Jaren Young in Brooklyn, New York. Basketball was his first love, but an incident in college ripped that dream from him. He turns to his gift of writing poetry and becomes one of Hip Hop’s top emcees after just one album. While in the midst of working on his second album, he is introduced to an online story based on his life. After reaching out to the author to learn about her inspiration, the two anonymously connect on a level neither of them expected.

This is the first book in the “Unapologetically Me” series.

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About the Author

Author Danesha Little

Danesha Little is a writer who loves to combine her love of romance, sports, and entertainment in her stories. Her Wattpad stories have millions of reads with one of her stories winning a “Heartbreaker Watty Award” in 2018. When not writing, you will always find her lost in a book or spending time with her family.

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