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  • Title: Unvarnished Truths: Coming Clean
  • Author: Laura McClure
  • Genre: Fiction, Urban
  • Length: 292 pages
  • Publisher: Studio 5 Agency, LLC.
  • Publication Date: September 28, 2015

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Unvarnished Truths: Coming Clean
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Designs by Brandi has become one of the most sought after clothing designs in the world. And Brandi? Let’s just say she is no longer the little stripper drug dealing girl from Alabama fighting for her spot in the world. Life is pretty swell. She has the love of a great man, Dr. Kevin Hampton, a famous and well-respected surgeon. They have a beautiful daughter named Skye and a son named Danny. They have a beautiful home. Everything is perfect. Kevin accepts her past, and she has come clean to him about everything. Well, not everything. Brandi has a secret. She knows that Kevin deserves all of the truth concerning her past. She regrets keeping this secret from him. Brandi knows it is time to truly come clean. What will Kevin say? Will he understand why she kept the secret to herself? Will this be the end of their marriage? Where will the journey of this truth take her, Kevin, and all who are involved? Will his love for her withstand this new information? Can he forgive her? What decisions will Kevin make? Where will the Hampton’s go from here?

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About the Author

Laura Mcclure

Laurelia McClure is a seasoned author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker who writes under the pen name, Laura McClure. She is married to Robert McClure, and the two have been united for 55 years. Laura is the proud mother of six, grandmother of sixteen and great- grandmother of thirteen (and counting).

Iver the course of her life, Laura found a home in the hospitality industry as she worked for the very best of hotels in Alabama. She later moved on to become the Director of Environmental Services at Lake Shore Hospital in Birmingham, Al.

In 2009, Laura lost her daughter to HIV/ AIDS. She was thirty- nine years old and a single parent to one child. To ensure the legacy of her daughter and to bring awareness to the virus, Laura, and her family started The Dotes Foundation. Since it’s start, The Dotes Foundation has raised funds to help build a clinic for children and Aids patients in Swaziland, Africa—a country that has been plagued by HIV/AIDS.

Laura always wanted to be a published writer, but she always had a fear of stepping out and making her dream a reality. At the age of seventy, Laura finally won the courage to pursue her dreams of being a published writer. Laura credits this shift in her mindset to the teachings of her minister, who taught her that she should be “all that she wants to be” in life. In addition to her church family, Laura’s family has been one of the driving forces behind her success.

On October 8, 2014, Laura’s first book “Angel in the Midst” was released. Four months later, Laura released her second book, “It Ain’t Over Yet!” And on September 28, 2015, Laura’s third book “Unvarnished Truth, Coming Clean”, was published. Over the course of one year, Laura released three books! Laura’s soul is on fire with purpose, and she does not plan on that fire dying down anytime soon. The sky is the limit for Laura; it’s just the launching pad!

Words from Laura:

“I will tell anyone that if God has given you a dream, then you need to make that move. He will not give you a dream that He won’t supply the means for you to accomplish it. Just remember that you can do all things through Jesus Christ. I am just like Nike, ‘I just do it,’ and you should too!”

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Unvarnished Truths Coming Clean Banner

Brandi has a secret. She knows that Kevin deserves all of the truth concerning her past. Will he understand why she kept the secret to herself?

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