Waving Backwards

Waving Backwards

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  • Title: Waving Backwards
  • Author: V.L. Brunskill
  • Genre: New Adult/Coming of Age and Cozy Mystery
  • Length: 234 pages
  • Publication Date: July 10, 2015
  • Publisher: Southern Yellow Pine Publishing

Waving Backwards


Imagine not knowing who you are, until you find yourself in a statue 800 miles from home.

Join intensely passionate and fiercely independent New York college student Lara Bonavito on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery. Adopted into an abusive and impoverished home, Lara’s quest to find her roots lands her in the Southern jewel’s historic district. A vivid cast of characters help her unravel clues found in a cryptic letter hidden in the family bible for two decades.

Waving Backwards is a coming-of-age quest that reveals the healing power of family bonds, and maternal love.

The baby’s roots are with the Southern lady who waves forever.
Her heart was Pearced, and so was that of her mother.
Pearced was she by the cotton race that will never end.
Buried in the first city is a man who holds the 9th key.

These are the words that set Lara Bonavito on a quest for answers, away from her college life and into the sigh-worthy historic district of Savannah, Georgia. Found in a Bible belonging to her adoptive mother, the note makes Lara question what little she knows about her past. There is no way she can resist investigating.

With help from Robert, a devilishly suave and decidedly wealthy trolley driver with a penchant for pretty young tourists, Lara peels back the layers of her Southern roots. She discovers how her birth story intertwines with the bronze beauty of the town: the Waving Girl statue. How are they related and what does the note really mean?

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About The Author

V. L. Brunskill

V.L. Brunskill has been a professional writer for 20 years. She ditched journalism class after landing her very first interview with the late, great punk icon Joey Ramone. As a national music journalist, V.L. has written for publications such as Metronome Magazine, CREEM, The Boston Globe, and Boston Phoenix. From hundreds of rock star interviews to rocking ions, V.L. went on to become a technical writer in the semiconductor and IT fields.

Born in Brooklyn, New York on Christmas Eve, and adopted after 7 months in foster care, V.L. was reborn in 1991, when she was reunited with her biological parents.

She moved south to be closer to both. V.L. lives in Savannah, Georgia with her bass-player husband, above-average daughter, and delightfully bad dog.

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Southern Yellow Pin Publishing

SYP Publishing promotes Southern Authors of fiction and non-fiction throughout the Southeast. They often work with new and aspiring authors, and they strive to publish unique works set in specific locals that reflect the culture of that area. SYP Publishing wants to see unique characters brought to life and to help writers document the unusual, the lost art, the forgotten skill or the individuality of a special place of regional significance.
SYP’s logo: “We publish the books you love to read.”

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