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  • Title: Wealthy By Choice: Choosing Your Way to a Wealthier Future
  • Author: Ilene Davis
  • Genre: Success, Self-Help, Money
  • Length: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Tablet Publications
  • Publication Date: May 29, 2017

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Wealthy By Choice: Choosing Your Way to a Wealthier Future

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For over 30 years, as first a stockbroker and then a Certified Financial Planner® (often shown as CFP®), Ilene Davis has worked with clients with the underlying belief that Social Security, even combined with a pension, would not provide sufficient income for most of those clients to maintain their desired lifestyle for the rest of their life once they stopped working. Based on that belief, her goal has been to help clients accumulate the personal assets (investments) they will likely need to “fill the gap” between what they expect to receive in Social Security and other retirement benefits, and the income they will need to afford their desired lifestyle should they be unable, or just not want, to work. That is, to have enough in investments able to produce sufficient income on a regular, ongoing basis, or that could be sold and invested in investments that can reasonably be expected to produce income on a regular, ongoing basis to provide the income you would need to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want for the remainder of your life, without having to “work.”

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About the Author

Ilene Davis

Ilene Davis, a resident of Brevard County since 1971, is a Certified Financial Planner with a bachelors degree in Mathematics from the University of Michigan, a bachelors degree in Accounting from Rollins College, and a Masters in Business Administration from Webster University. Davis became a stockbroker in 1982, earned her designation as a Certified Financial Planner in 1984, and with a desire to serve clients more on her own terms, opened her own financial consultant office in Cocoa Village in 1986. She is committed to helping each client create their own “Financial Freedom Fund,” and believes strongly in free market capitalism and a “hand up rather than a hand-out” as the best path to prosperity.

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Interview with Author Ilene Davis by Space Coast Daily

Ilene Davis - Healthy By Choice SPACE COAST DAILY: Congratulations on the release of your book, Wealthy By Choice: Choosing Your Way To A Wealthier Future! What motivated you to write this book?

ILENE DAVIS: This has actually been something I started working on almost 20 years ago as I saw how little many really smart people, in fact many actual “rocket scientists,” did not understand about what I call “the math of finance.” What I observed over the past 30 years is that, in spite of multiple magazines on the subject, dozens of books, and several TV shows, the wealth of the typical American family had changed little. In fact, a recent article found something like 40 percent of U.S. households couldn’t come up with $500 in an emergency without borrowing it.

For years I have been sharing my insight and philosophy on money, investment and related political/policy matters with my clients through my quarterly newsletter. I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to help a lot of people build wealth and security, but what finally was my “kick in the butt” to write the book was a letter from a woman that I had talked to that made me realize what I knew could help others outside of my immediate sphere in a profound way.

SPACE COAST DAILY: There are dozens of personal finance books already out there. What makes yours different?

ILENE DAVIS: I agree, there are dozens of great books on the subject of personal finance, my favorite being The Richest Man in Babylon. But, after all the ones I’ve read, I believe what makes my book different is that it clearly shows how small investments, combined with time, can create substantial future wealth and ongoing income.

My book is full of simple ideas that just about anyone could easily implement in their own life that could enhance their future wealth.

SPACE COAST DAILY: Please give us an example of one of those “simple ideas.”

ILENE DAVIS: One of my favorites is an idea I proposed to a young couple over 30 years ago. When we first met and did their budget, it turned out the husband would take $50 a week in cash for gas, lunch, and so on. I asked him to consider “meeting me half way,” which is the chapter title of that particular story in the book. The idea was that he would take $25 a week, but save the other $25. What I do in the book is take this idea, and show that if they had done that for 50 weeks a year, for just 3 years, that 20 years later, assuming a 7 percent annual return, the accumulated wealth would be enough to withdraw almost $900 a year, every year, for the rest of their life.

SPACE COAST DAILY: Do you have any advice for our readers?

ILENE DAVIS: While money should never be the most important thing in anyone’s life, the sad fact is that money problems create people problems that can ruin health and destroy relationships. In my book, the first chapter starts out with “A Quick Question” which asks: Given a choice, which would you choose: To BE rich, or to LOOK rich?

Whether you read my book or not, take the time to truly understand the power of compound interest and the effects of inflation. And start an investment program. There are dozens of ways to get started with as little as $100 a month. That’s less than $5.00 a day.

Personally, while I’m sure there are millions of Americans who have accumulated at least reasonable wealth, I believe most people will benefit from working with a financial professional to help them know, and accumulate, enough financial resources to be able to afford to do what they want, when they want, with whom they want.

SPACE COAST DAILY: What’s next for you?

ILENE DAVIS: More of the same with a continued focus on using technology to spread the word and help educate people on wealthy choices. I’m working with a partner to develop webinars, worksheets, and other informational tools, such as the patented Choosing Wealth™ Calculator, which is now available online in a form designed to make it quick and easy to calculate solutions to a wide variety of personal finance questions. Visitors that go to www.choosingwealth.com will gain knowledge that will enable them to make more informed and, hopefully, wealthier life choices.

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Wealthy by Choice helps clients accumulate the personal assets (investments) they will likely need to “fill the gap” between what they expect to receive in Social Security and other retirement benefits, and the income they will need to afford their desired lifestyle should they be unable, or just not want, to work.

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