What About Love?

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What About Love?

Book About Love Story

  • Title: What About Love? (The Rivera Sisters Series Book 2)
  • Author: Jeanine Lunsford
  • Genre: Romance, Fiction
  • Length: 238 pages
  • Publication Date: June 2, 2019

What About Love? – Synopsis

What About Love Story

After escaping her nightmarish marriage to Aaron Mendoza, Carina is looking forward to starting a new life, living with her sister Amelia in Killeen, Texas.

When she’s reunited with Mark Preston, the gorgeous single father she met at the Miami airport the night she left Aaron, she knows it’s not happenstance. His ice blue eyes and warm, soft kisses tell her he’s the good and godly man she always hoped she would find.

But Carina’s divorce attorney has other plans.

Handsome Eric Martinez persuades Carina to abstain from dating until her 6-month Texas residency requirement is established, putting an end to her blossoming relationship with Mark.

Eric has his own private reasons for keeping Mark and Carina apart—she’s reignited the fiery passion that once burned in his soul. He wants Carina for himself and he won’t allow anyone – especially Mark – to quench the flames.

But Mark is willing to wait for Carina.

When Mark discovers the shocking secrets, Eric has been hiding from Carina, he reveals the truth about Eric to her.

Is it too late? Has Carina already been captivated by Eric’s allure?

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About the Author

Author Jeanine Lunsford

Jeanine writes Women’s Contemporary, Inspirational, and New Adult fiction with spicy romantic elements.

Inspirational, but never “preachy”, her stories have been described as “Spirit with Spice”.

Jeanine’s books are powerful and passionate, realistic and emotional … gritty without being raunchy. Her protagonists are strong-willed women, vulnerable but not weak, often fallen but never down for the count. Her main male characters are strong, take-charge alpha males. The endings of her books are satisfying, never leaving a saccharin sweet aftertaste.

Jeanine loves living life on the Gulf Coast with her husband and her (very spoiled) German Shepherd, Abel.

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