Which is the best mobile phone for you to buy?

How To Find The Best Mobile Phone For You

  • Title: Which is the best mobile phone for you to buy?
    Read this before you buy a mobile phone.
  • Author: Jayaram as
  • Genre: Telecommunications, Mobile, Wireless
  • Length: 18 pages
  • Publication Date: January 13, 2019

Which is the best mobile phone for you to buy? – Synopsis

Best Mobile Phone For You

These days, almost everyone is having mobile phone. But many of them are having features which are not requires for them. Then why are mobile phones equipped with such large applications? The reason is that the mobile phones are manufactured mainly to satisfy the needs of business people who need almost all such applications.

Funny thing is that most of the common people are using only 10% of the applications that their mobile phones are capable of doing. But they have paid for all the applications. That means, if they are advised properly, they will buy a mobile phone according to their needs and hence pay lesser price but enjoy the same benefits. The aim of this book is to educate such people.

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Author Jayaram as

Book writing is my hobby and have written 12 books so far. I am an associate professor in Mechanical department of the engineering college, Dr Ambedkar Institute of Technology Bangalore, India. Subjects taught by me in the college include control engineering, Hydraulics and Pnuematics, Mechatronics, engineering drawing.
My hobby is hpotography. I have been teaching photography online and off line from past 25 years. I am having special interest in writing books.

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