Who is Your Pastor

The Place of Pastors

  • Title: Who is your pastor: kinds of pastors
  • Authors: Franklin Benjamin
  • Genre: Religion
  • Length: 116 pages
  • Publication Date: July 21, 2017

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Who is your pastor: kinds of pastors

Who is your pastor: kinds of pastors – Synopsis

quality of Pastors

The Place of Pastors (Jeremiah 3:15). If we are to bring back the glory, honor, respect and sacredness of the Church, we must start with the Pastors. The condition of the Church and the nation today is a direct result of the quality of Pastors the Church has produced over the years. Every Sunday, tens of thousands of Pastors mount the pulpit to preach and talk to people. They have different motives, characters, habits and believe. They display various personality traits. While some are happy, others are hungry; while some are joyful, others are sad; while some are positive, others are negative; while some are honest, others are deceitful. While some are saints, others are chronic sinners and while some are real, others are fake and charlatan.

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About the Author

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Dr. Frank. C. Benjamin is a preacher of the word, called by God at the age of 13. God has been using him for decades to bring hope to a dying generation. Preaching the word with signs and wonders following.

For academic qualification, he read creative arts Music major from The University of Lagos, (B.Th) Light-house Christian College. Arkansas USA, (Dip.Th). C. B. I., Brooklyn New York, (Dip.Th), P.I.B.S. (D.D.) New Zeal Bible College. English for professionals, University of Lagos.

He believes in the practical demonstration of the power of God. Presently the Pastor in charge of Christian Pentecostal Mission Int’l, Houston Texas USA. He lives in Houston Texas from where he coordinates his mission outreach to the world. His TV program Hour Of Miracle and Pathfinder is being used by God to bring salvation, deliverance and healing to people all over the world.

The C.E.O of Alpha Digital Studio. An award winning recording company, which has worn so many awards of excellence in quality for Audio Visual Productions. A multi-talented musician, a prolific writer and a motivational speaker. He lives in Houston Texas from where he coordinates his crusades to the whole world.

“My motto remains, to always try to assist and empower others to strive for excellence in achieving their ultimate goals. I am a strong believer in maintain-ing positive friendships. I strive to live a humble life worthy of emulation and to practice what I preach, and I strive to be good in what I do.

My philosophy is to make the people I interact with feel significant, confident and connected to whatever I do. I stand committed to not let the pain of life steal my joy and happiness to a fulfilling life. To live for a cause and not for applause. I will live to express and not impress. While it is said that self-praise is no recommendation. It is my opinion that no one knows you better than you know yourself and the only person that you should try to be better.

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Christian Pentecostal Mission International,
11309 Bissonnet Street, Houston
Texas 77099 USA
Tel +1 773 739 3315
Facebook @Frank.c.benjamin

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on 21, Oct 2019
this is a good book to read