Sleepyhead and His Adventures

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Sleepyhead and His Adventures

Sleepyhead Children's Book Sleepy Bear Story

  • Title: Sleepyhead and His Adventures
  • Author: Norma Nickerl
  • Genre: Literature, Fiction
  • Length: 108 pages
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
  • Publication Date: September 28, 2016

Sleepyhead and His Adventures – Synopsis

Sleepy Bear Story Book - Sleepyhead Book Amazon

Sleepyhead liked to sleep all day long and play all night. He did not like doing things around the house. This was something Mother did not like. He looked big and strong but was only three years old. Sleepyhead had to be careful. He was still a young bear!

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About the Author

Author Norma Nickerl

I am mixed Latina with two boys and a great husband. I have always been unique, open minded, and do not like to judge others. I am friendly, loves family life, cooking, music, dancing, romance-sometimes a little too much. Like many women, I have my ups and downs, pain, mistrusts, back stabbers. But I learn to love myself and find someone to love me for me, nothing but me. Much was taken away from me, and I swore I would never let that happen again. It’s nice to be loved with all my faults, which is not easy! But I love 100 percent back, loyal and caring. So, ladies, hope you feel and understand my poetry. I am proud of all women, and I dedicate this book to you. Stand proud.

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