StarCross Academy

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StarCross Academy

StarCross Academy - Attend High School For Elites

  • Title: StarCross Academy: For the Elites
  • Author: Jenna Lane
  • Genre: Romance, Action, Adventure, Teen & Young Adult, Literature, Fiction
  • Length: 369 pages
  • Publisher: Yellow Button Publications
  • Publication Date: October 20, 2020

StarCross Academy – Synopsis

StarCross Academy - Knowledge Is Power

Eve Adams was drugged, kidnapped and brought to another planet, and for what? To attend a High School? But not just any school, it was StarCross Academy the school for elites. Where knowledge is power has a whole new meaning. Eve has always liked playing games, but she’s not so sure this is a game she can win.

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Author Bio

StarCross Academy - School Of Elites on Another Planet

Jenna Lane is a mother of 7 and wife of a Army Veteran. She spends her days writing and homeschooling. Her favorite past time is reading manga and playing video games. Anime and Rpg games inspired her to write StarCross Academy.

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