Surviving the African Parent

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Surviving the African Parent

Surviving the African Parent - Stories From Real Teens Parent-child Relationship

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  • Title: Surviving the African Parent: Real stories from real teens (The Survivor’s Series)
  • Author: Fejiro Mejire
  • Genre: Humor, Entertainment, Relationships, Parenting, Teenagers, Short Reads
  • Length: 155 pages
  • Publication Date: August 26, 2022

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Surviving the African Parent: Real stories from real teens – Synopsis

Surviving the African Parent - How To Improve Relationship With Parents As A Teenager

What would it be like to catch a glimpse of how your teen views some of your actions? Are you tired of fighting with your parent(s)/teen(s)? Do you feel there is no way to make your Parent-Teen relationship better? The truth is, it’s never too late to start afresh.

Surviving the African Parent is a book filled with 52 hilarious real teen experiences- one for each week of the year. It contains stories and experiences shared by teens to help parents better understand the mind of a teen as well as help teens feel more understood.

It also holds tips for both parents and teens on how to improve their relationship in various areas. You will find opinions of both parents and teens on various subject matter in the book helpful for reflection on different aspects of the Parent-Teen relationship.

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Author Bio

Surviving the African Parent - What To Do When You Fight With Your Parents - Real Teen Experiences

Fejiro Mejire is a 17 year old Nigerian teen studying International development and Globalization at the University of Ottawa, Canada. She started ‘Surviving the African Parent’ as a blog in 2020 and transformed the idea into a book and journal in 2022. She enjoys reading, traveling an spending time with her family.

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