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  • Title: The Alchemy of Truly Remarkable Leadership: Ordinary, Everyday Actions
    That Produce Extraordinary Results
  • Author: Jonathan H. Westover, PhD
  • Genre: Education, Teaching, Leadership, Transpersonal Psychology
  • Length: 177 pages
  • Publisher: HCI Press
  • Publication Date: November 23, 2020

The Alchemy of Truly Remarkable Leadership – Synopsis

The Alchemy Of Truly Remarkable Leadership - Globalization Increased Education

INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLING AUTHOR Jonathan H. Westover, PhD is the # 1 ranked HR, Innovation, and Future of Work Global Thought Leader & Influencer (Thinkers360).

Consider how the nature of work has shifted over the past 50 years. With increased globalization, rapid technological advancement, and a shift in economic composition, the average jobs of today look very little like the average jobs 50 years ago. What will the jobs and organizations of tomorrow look like? Moreover, what does this all mean for organizational leaders? What are the core competencies and capabilities of organizations and their leadership that are prepared for continued disruption and geo-political and socio-economic shifts? Regardless of what the future holds, increasingly leaders need to be socially-minded, data-driven, decisive, champions of talent, and disruptors of the traditional notions of leadership, teams, organizations, and work. The Alchemy of Truly Remarkable Leadership will help you to explore your own leadership competencies and capabilities and consider ways to apply and implement them into your workplace and personal life.

What Leaders Are Saying:

“Sometimes being a leader feels complex; more often being an effective leader comes from disciplined application of simple principles. Jonathan does a masterful job of identifying not only the principles of effective leadership, but how to turn these principles into specific daily actions. This relevant, applicable, and helpful book offers concrete ideas that will have real impact for anyone working to be a more effective leader.”
~ Dr. Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor, University of Michigan; Partner, The RBL Group

“The Alchemy of Truly Remarkable Leadership focuses on leadership characteristics and qualities that produce extraordinary results in the new world of work. Dr. Westover methodically weaves together leadership competencies and capabilities for anyone aspiring to lead and alchemize an organization to attain business goals and workforce agility. This is an excellent guide and reflective tool for leaders to refine their capabilities and qualities and pivot towards the future.”
~ Dr. Amy Dufrane, SPHR, CAE, CEO of HRCI

“What makes great leadership? While the answer remains open to reader interpretation, the author takes us on a journey that begins with a broad definition and ends with an opportunity to make it owned, personally. Where the magic is revealed comes through in seamless, simple and applicable anecdotes, applications and tools any reader will appreciate, regardless of their current position or status in life. Cheers to Dr. Westover for providing an informative, fluid and accessible leadership book at a time when any of us can use it…if not for ourselves, then for working with others.”
~ David A. Yudis, Psy.D., President at Potential Selves

“Dr. Westover has done the work to make what’s required for leadership in today’s complex world accessible, practical, and powerful. This must-read book covers all the components necessary to become a more conscious, impactful leader by introducing critical concepts, inviting self-reflection, and setting a path for accountability.”
~ Shonna Waters, PhD, Vice President at BetterUp

“Dr. Jon does a great job at identifying a variety of areas of focus any leader should take to be more effective. From framing your mind for growth to being a more consciously inclusive leader (my biased favorite!), Dr. Jon frames these concepts in a memorable, approachable, and authentic manner. A must-have book for the leader who wants to improve their leadership awesomeness in a variety of facets.”
~ Dr. Steve Yacovelli (“The Gay Leadership Dude”), Award-winning leadership author, speaker, and catalyst

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About the Author

The Alchemy Of Truly Remarkable Leadership - Leader And Influencer Best Selling Author Amazon

Jonathan H. Westover, Ph.D. is a US-based Best Selling Author, ranked # 1 HR, Innovation, and Future of Work Global Thought Leader & Influencer (Thinkers360), entrepreneur, management consultant, teacher, and research academic based in Orem, Utah. He serves on a host of nonprofit, community, and association boards and committees and has received numerous awards for his teaching, research, and service to the community.

Current Professional Roles

Academic: Dr. Westover is a professor and chair of Organizational Leadership in the Woodbury School of Business at Utah Valley University, Academic Director of the UVU Center for Social Impact and the UVU SIMLab, and Faculty Fellow for Ethics in Public Life (previously the Associate Director) in the Center for the Study of Ethics. Dr. Westover has been published widely in academic journals, books, and practitioner publications. He is a regular visiting faculty member in other international graduate business programs.

Consulting: Jonathan is an experienced organizational leadership, people management, and organizational development consultant and managing partner and principal at Human Capital Innovations, LLC). For two decades, he has worked to help transform organizations across the globe. He is also the producer and host of the Human Capital Innovations (HCI) Podcast and Managing Editor of Human Capital Leadership Magazine. Previously, Jonathan was an external consultant with the firm Targeted Learning, and an internal consultant in the Human Resource Development office at Brigham Young University, in the corporate Organizational Development office at InterContinental Hotels, and in the corporate Organizational Development office at LG Electronics in Gumi, South Korea.

Thought Leadership: Jonathan is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, Non-Resident Fellow in Social and Development Policy with the Nkafu Policy Institute (part of the Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation), member of the HR Certification Institute CEO Advisory Council and past member of the board of directors, member of the Humantelligence Scientific Advisory, Board Chair and Director of the Corporate Division of the Global Listening Centre, a CIPD Academic Fellow, and an Advance HE Senior Fellow. Jonathan has been published widely and quoted as a management expert in popular and professional media locally, nationally, and abroad (such as in Forbes, The Economist, U.S. News and World Report, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and USA Today).

Highlights of Past Academic and Professional Roles and Distinctions

  • Visiting Academic at Harris Manchester College at the University of Oxford (2019)
  • Fulbright Scholar and AMINEF Senior Scholar at Atma Jaya Catholic University in Jakarta, Indonesia (2018)
  • Educational Development Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada (2018)
  • Learning Innovation Research Fellow at the Institute of Teaching and Learning Innovation at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia (2017)
  • Visiting Scholar at the East-West Center in Washington (2017)
  • POSCO Fellow at the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii (2016)
  • Visiting Scholar in the Kennan Institute at the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C. (2015)
  • Fulbright Scholar at Belarusian State University in Minsk, Belarus (2012)


Jonathan received his bachelor of science degree in Sociology: Research and Analysis (with minors in management and Korean) from the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences and his Master of Public Administration degree (emphases in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management) from the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University. He received his Ph.D. in Sociology (emphases in International Political Economy and Work and Organizations) from the College of Social and Behavioral Science at the University of Utah. He has also received graduate certificates in demography and higher education teaching from the University of Utah.

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The Alchemy of Truly Remarkable Leadership: Consider how the nature of work has shifted over the past 50 years. What will the jobs and

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