The Antonine Romans and The Golden Torque

The Antonine Romans and The Golden Torque - Peace And War

  • Title: The Antonine Romans and The Golden Torque
  • Author: Andrew Boyce
  • Genre: Literature, Fiction, War, Military, Historical
  • Length: 242 pages
  • Publication Date: May 4, 2020

The Antonine Romans and The Golden Torque – Synopsis

The Antonine Romans and The Golden Torque - Man Made Hills

The Antonine Wall in Western Caledonia, modern day Scotland, has been standing for two years. Centurion Andronicus and Optio Scrivinus have recently been assigned to the Roman Balmuildy Fort and are attempting to improve the men’s fitness and discipline.
Soon both the old and the new world collide. The Romans find themselves amongst the native tribal chiefs of Jamis, Aritan and Callun. In peace or war can either side survive?
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About the Author

The Antonine Romans and The Golden Torque - Straight Roads

Growing up in the Glasgow area of West Central Scotland, the remains of the Roman Antonine Wall were around me. I would see unusual ditches, man-made hills and stretches of straight roads, even the remains of a Roman bathhouse. All harked back to a time when the Romans came to Scotland.

In museums such as Glasgow’s Hunterian Museum, I would see Roman coins discovered near where I lived, models of Roman life and stone carved distance slabs. Reading great Roman Fiction Authors such as Harry Sidebottom, Simon Scarrow, Ben Kane and Anthony Riches, to name but a few, I hoped one day to write my own humble offerings and thanks to Amazon, I have.

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