The Battles We All Face: Hope In Times Of Uncertainty - Self Help Methods

  • Title: The Battles We All Face: Hope in times of uncertainty
  • Author: John Morris
  • Genre: Motivational, Self-Help, Health, Fitness & Dieting
  • Length: 110 pages
  • Publisher: John Morris Art from the Heart
  • Publication Date: December 1, 2020

The Battles We All Face: Hope in times of uncertainty – Synopsis

The Battles We All Face: Hope In Times Of Uncertainty - Change Your Life And Start Living

Do you struggle with life?
Battling Anxiety? Depression? Managing your time? Motivation? On a daily basis
Want to know some very simple self-help methods that can greatly increase your joy of living?

You are looking at the book that could change your life.
Many make that claim and fall short. Not this book, however.

Over the last decade, I have personally gone through most of what life can throw at me. From temporary homelessness, anxiety, BPD, betrayal, relationship breakups, medical misdiagnosis, depressions and so much more.

  • The first thing I want you to know is this. YOU ARE NOT ALONE…
  • Billions have literally been in the same place you are, and billions will be long after your time on earth is over. Where many self-help teachers fail is they teach the same old teaching over and over again. Many without having ever experienced life for themselves. No teaching and understanding is not key in self-change… CORRECT teaching and CORRECT understanding is key and that is where you come in.
  • You need to know right now more than anything that you have value, and you are immensely important.

The battles we all face

  • I wrote this book for everyone. Everyone is going through a battle right now that most people do not even know about. Many of the simple and easy to follow teaching in this book are lessons I have personally learned and taught over the last decade of craziness.
  • Many books go into way too much detail and become extremely hard to digest. Mine is deliberately different. One page per chapter. It gets to the point, teaches the wisdom and the rest is up to your interpretation and mind. You can do this.
  • Artwork to inspire. I have also created artwork, especially for this book. That you (the reader) will have a positive association every time you think of one of the images you will remember the teachings.


Over 40 sessions you will be one of the many who will begin to see life in a new way.
You will begin to feel an awakening with you that will inject life into your mind, body and soul.
And finally and most importantly, even if you don’t learn something new (which I will be amazed at) you will know the unshakeable truth… YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
Very quickly you will be amazed at how much your mind opens and how clearly you see the world.

You will love this easy to read very unique perspective that I share with my audience.
Get it now, don’t delay begin unlocking the life that you have always wanted to today.

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About The Author

The Battles We All Face: Hope In Times Of Uncertainty - Artwork To Inspire

John Morris is the Coach to the Creative Mind and is also a Psychologist in training. For the last two decades he has worked with people from all walks of life and all over the world all of them with a wide variety of issues.

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