The Best Way Out… - Cape Horn Sailing

  • Title: The Best Way Out…: A South American Odyssey
  • Author: R. Scott Morris
  • Genre: Historical Fiction, Sea Stories, Literature, Fiction
  • Length: 405 pages
  • Publication Date: April 19, 2020

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The Best Way Out… – Synopsis

The Best Way Out… - Love Affair Assassination Attempt

“The Best Way Out” is a stirring tale of the misfortunes and triumphs of a young English/Argentine sailor from Devon in his quest to sail around Cape Horn. William Spyre defies the odds as he survives the ‘79 Fastnet Race debacle, then later arrest by the Argentine Junta as an English spy. Unable to psychologically break William, his sadistic Argentine Navy tormentor forces him into the Argentine Army as part of the invasion of the the Falkland Islands. William survives combat, is rescued by a British soldier, but, as a POW, he is returned to Argentina. He rejoins his extended family in Buenos Aires, and attempts to restart his voyage to Cape Horn. Wrecked on the coast of Patagonia, he is rescued by Argentine/Welch, and recovers. He has a torrid, illicit love affair with his Welsh host’s daughter, forcing the couple to flee for their lives across Patagonia. In their flight they are relentlessly pursued by William’s Argentine nemesis, Lt. Cmdr. Alfredo Astes. William and his love, Angharad take refuge in Santiago, Chile, but William remains a threat to Astes’ power. He attempts to assassinate William, but fails, which temporarily neutralizes Astes’ power, but he remains a threat. Angharad encourages William to complete his Cape Horn quest, so he takes a tenuous step, travels to Ushuaia, hires a veteran skipper and boat and finally conquers the Horn in winter. In Ushuaia, he inadvertently meets his antagonist Astes, but you must read the book to find out what happens.

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About The Author

The Best Way Out… - Young Sailor

For my part, I’m an older chap who had a successful career as a research chemist conducting R&D for small companies for some 40 years. After retiring, I tried my hand at narratives and since that time I’ve written and self-published 5 books and several magazine articles.

My sailing “career” has spanned some 45 years during which I have owned more than a dozen boats of various sizes and types and sailed on some 70 different vessels. I have 5000 miles of offshore experience and I’ve sailed and raced extensively in New England, the North Atlantic, the North Pacific, across the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico and recently in the Celtic Sea. The transition from scientific writing to narrative had been somewhat painful, but I think I’m getting there. I hope that you will find my book interesting, it was a great deal of fun to write.

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“The Best Way Out” is a stirring tale of the misfortunes and triumphs of a young English/Argentine sailor from Devon in his quest to sail

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