The Diary of Amerikkkan Stepchild

The Diary of Amerikkkan Stepchild - me and white supremacy self-exile from the usa

  • Title: The Diary of Amerikkkan Stepchild: How white supremacy pushed me
    to self-exile from the USA
  • Author: Amerikkkan Stepchild R.A.S.
  • Genre: Memoirs, Biographies
  • Length: 206 pages
  • Publisher: 3rd Eye
  • Publication Date: January 1, 2022

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The Diary of Amerikkkan Stepchild – Synopsis

The Diary of Amerikkkan Stepchild - i tell my story of white supremacy practice

This Diary is dedicated to the descendants of American slaves: stolen people on stolen land. This diary is about the plight of Amerikkkan Stepchild, a descendant of American slaves. He was born in the 1971 in East Saint Louis, Illinois in the Orr Weathers housing project. Despite overcoming the typical obstacles that are associated with being Black and poor, Stepchild managed to complete graduate school and lead a positive and productive life. However, living in a system of white supremacy, Stepchild’s life shows that the lives of Black people generally and Black males specifically are at the behest of the dominant society especially the muscle arm of white supremacy, the police. Despite leading a positive and productive life, Stepchild’s life was interrupted and forever changed by the thugs in blue uniforms, members of the Miami Beach police. After a long battle against the system of white supremacy, Stepchild decided to self-exile from Amerikkka to save himself from institutionalization and early death designed by those who practice white supremacy.

After 20 years of silence since the Miami Beach police assaulted me and almost murdered me for absolutely no reason without being held accountable with the support of the white supremacy religion system namely judges, lawyers and municipality, I tell my story!

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