The Fifth Day

The Fifth Day - An Odd Poem in a Forgotten Book

  • Title: The Fifth Day
  • Author: Joann Budy
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fiction
  • Length: 166 pages
  • Publication Date: October 27, 2014

The Fifth Day – Synopsis

The Fifth Day - Power Of Words Triggered Memories Phenomena Experience

Young Shellie is in her last semester in college and has her life all planned out. She will return to the rural community she grew up in and help run her parents tea import business. That was decided long ago. No questions about it, really.

Then, on a favor for a friend, she finds a seemingly forgotten book in the college library with an odd poem written on a crumpled piece of paper tucked inside – seemingly just as forgotten.

What she ends up with next is an ancient god in the kitchen. Drawn in to a race against time to prevent catastrophe and return a priceless object, she discovers the truth behind newly triggered memories and the power that words can have if put together in a certain way: like a poem.

Meanwhile, friends and acquaintances contend first hand with phenomena that they had previously only imagined or only read about happening long ago in far off places. In the middle of his own crisis, a favorite professor discovers his own skills – one that is eerily similar to Shellie’s yet to be found abilities.

What Shellie can’t imagine, though, is the conclusion and sacrifice her new found old friend will have to make and why he feels he must make it.

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Author Bio

The Fifth Day - Ancient God In The Kitchen

Joann Budy is a lifelong resident of the Midwest and received a Bachelor of Arts degree with heavy emphasis on creative writing from the University of Kansas in Lawrence. She maintains a monthly blog and has the bare beginnings to the follow up to this novella.

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