The Fires Of Eisheim - The Elves Story

  • Title: The Fires of Eisheim: Book One of Veerthan the Cold
  • Author: Rhett A. Peterson
  • Genre: War, Military, Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Sword & Sorcery, Literature, Fiction
  • Length: 284 pages
  • Publication Date: July 17, 2020

The Fires of Eisheim – Synopsis

The Fires Of Eisheim - World Of Darkness Medieval

In a world of primitive medieval darkness, encroaching human settlements force an inevitable conflict with a race of beings superior in strength, speed and stature: the Elves. Known amongst themselves as the Eiskinder, their high council’s policies of peaceful withdrawal and population control lead to chaos as the young general Wragoth leads a faction of his loyal soldiers in rebellion. Dagwin, a bereaved human intent on starting a new life for himself, finds himself embroiled in a torrent of battles and intrigues as he encounters the Eiskinder rebels attacking human settlements, then the force of Elves loyal to the council sent to capture them. On his journey he deals with spies, generals, kings, witches and knocks at the very door of death itself. After swearing to bring his vengeance down upon the Elves, he pits himself against the seemingly invincible armies of the ancient race. With the help of powerful allies, the inexorable and catastrophic clash between species comes to a brutal and bloody end in “The Fires of Eisheim.”

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About the Author

The Fires Of Eisheim - Soldiers In Rebellion Medieval Darkness

Rhett Peterson was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1983 where he enjoyed summers fishing and camping and resented the long and frigid winters. Later, he moved with his family to Edmonton, Alberta where he attended high school and graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor’s degree in animal biology in 2005.

Then he began traveling and working around the world in various countries such as Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, China, and Taiwan, spending only 3 of the next 13 years in Canada. 2 of these years back home, in 2010 and 2011, he used to attend Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton to obtain a diploma in international business and learn to speak Mandarin Chinese which is the 6th foreign language he’s studied. After only a year of living in the hectic and bustling metropolis of Shanghai however, he moved to a small village in rural Taiwan to pursue a lifelong passion as an apprentice to Master sword-smith Guo Chang Shih. He is now finishing his 6th year as a full-time knife and sword maker and plans to have his own shop someday.

Though his writing career initially began as little more than a hobby, Rhett’s imagination and the force of his vision have allowed him to people a new realm with engaging characters and stories that take on a life of their own. Rhett proudly admits to being heavily influenced by the writings of Robert E. Howard, the grandfather of the sword and sorcery genre, as well as subsequent Conan writers such as Robert Jordan and L. Sprague de Camp. He enjoys reading fantasy as well as listening to audio books of new fantasy authors such as Duncan M. Hamilton, Terry Mancour and Edward W. Robertson while forging and grinding blades in his Master’s shop in Taiwan.

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The Fires of Eisheim: In a world of primitive medieval darkness, encroaching human settlements force an inevitable conflict with a race of beings superior

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