The Holy Heroes Devotional: A Relationship With Christ Holy Heroes

  • Title: The Holy Heroes Devotional
  • Author: Scott Bayles
  • Genre: Christian, Inspiration, Devotion
  • Length: 174 pages
  • Publication Date: April 19, 2019

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The Holy Heroes Devotional – Synopsis

The Holy Heroes Devotional: How To Come To Know Christ With Superhero Comic Stories

Can you discover spiritual meaning in superhero movies!? Can you come to know Christ better through comic books!? In this forty-day devotional, Scott Bayles answers those questions with a resounding yes! With surprising insight and imagination, Scott uncovers spiritual significance in the stories of superheroes like Superman, Spider-man, Shazam, Captain Marvel, Black Panther and many more. Bolstered by abundant biblical backup, these super-heroic stories will help comic book fans grow in their faith and deepen their relationship with Christ. So, if you’re a fan of comics and a follower of Christ, this book is for you!

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About the Author

Author Scott Bayles: The Holy Heroes Devotional

Scott Bayles is pastor of Blooming Grove Christian Church in Palmyra, IL and author of Holy Heroes: The Gospel according to DC & Marvel. His enthusiasm for comic books and cosplay, along with his passion to reach fellow geeks with the gospel, led him to co-found Costumers for Christ, a nonprofit ministry that uses comics and cosplay to share Christ.

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Can you discover spiritual meaning in superhero movies? Can you come to know Christ better through comic books? In 'The Holy Heroes Devotional" Scott Bayles

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