The Legacy - Paranormal World Novel Saving The Human Race

  • Title: The Legacy
  • Author: Mark Snyder Jr
  • Genre: Metaphysical, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Fiction, Adventure, Thriller, Suspense
  • Length: 416 pages
  • Publication Date: March 25, 2021

Re-think & Re-shape – Synopsis

The Legacy - Suspenseful Thriller Books Cutting Edge Technology

The planet will only continue to host our species as long as we remain respectful guests. The Legacy is a suspenseful thriller with a glimpse into the world of the paranormal.

Ellen was born to suffer and watch those around her succumb to their misfortune. With the deaths of both of her natural parents, Ellen experiences more sadness, loss and tragedy than most people would endure during several lifetimes.

Clayton, the hero of The Legacy, loses his father in a mysterious accident before he is old enough to remember him. The questions that surround the family tragedy follow Clayton, and his vivid dreams of others begin to move him closer to who he was always meant to be —even without his knowledge.

Clayton flourishes professionally as a successful chef-entrepreneur and takes matters into his own hands to save the planet through innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Johanna is a shut-in destined to endure a cycle of addiction and depression as she attempts to remember her life before her abduction. Shedding her former life, and being lost without ever claiming another, Johanna is forced outside of her zone of tolerated discomfort and directly into the middle of an ancient force of nature.

Azra’s mysterious origins are revealed to show her complicated place in the Universe and how she, and only she, has the ultimate power to change everything.

In The Legacy, Ellen, Clayton and Johanna are related to one another in the most unique way, the way of saving the human race from itself.

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About the Author

The Legacy - Paranormal World Series Loss And Tragedy

Mark Snyder Jr is an author, teacher, actor and animal-rights activist currently living in the Pacific Northwest.

Mark enjoys teaching all things writing and literature, and he has taught middle grade and high school English classes as well as Composition and Literature courses on the university level since 2008.

Musical Theatre and Television have been a very important part of Mark’s life as he has performed in dozens of professional stage productions as well as in television and internet commercials.

The Legacy, is Mark’s first novel of fiction and he hopes that you enjoy reading his work. This story and its’ characters have been a part of his life for many years, and he is excited to share them all with you!

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The planet will only continue to host our species as long as we remain respectful guests. The Legacy is a suspenseful thriller with a glimpse

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