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  • Title: The Money Tree: Transform Scarcity Thinking to Empowered Wealth Consciousness
  • Author: Kathryn Eriksen
  • Genre: Metaphysical, Visionary, Fiction, Magical Realism, Literature
  • Length: 120 pages
  • Publisher: Empowered Way Coaching
  • Publication Date: May 18, 2021

The Money Tree – Synopsis

The Money Tree: Transform Scarcity Thinking To Empowered Wealth Consciousness - How To Change Self Beliefs

Lesley Jones gave a 5-star review: “Discover for yourself the truth behind money and how you can allow it to flow freely in your life, or be the reason that it is forever out of reach.”


The Money Tree is a spiritual parable disguised as a lesson plan for anyone with a troubled money relationship. The narrator is Flow, a delightful spirit who leaves her blissful existence with Divine Love to become the Money Tree. The only problem is, she has to learn the lessons herself before teaching them to her students.

Flow soon learns that life on earth isn’t what she expected. She discovers the powerful energy of wanting and experiences becoming lost when she listens to her ego. But when Flow believes that she has failed in her mission, she disconnects from Divine Love.

How does she find her way back? What happens to change her beliefs about herself, her purpose, and her worthiness?

Flow’s journey holds the key for all of us. She discovers another way to be with money and peacefully create abundant wealth. And now she wants to share these revelations with you.

Kathryn Eriksen reveals a fresh, simple pathway to peaceful abundance and manifestation in The Money Tree. This book is a must-read for anyone ready to step out of fear and into a world where money is the energy of Divine Love. It’s almost like having your very own spiritual money tree!

FREE Bonus Materials: Two meditations and access to the online course, “Alchemize Your Wealth in 5 Days,” are included with this book. Apply the Money Tree’s lessons to connect to Divine Wealth, heal your money wounds, and transform scarcity thinking into Empowered Wealth Consciousness.

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The Money Tree - Create Abundance Spiritual Money Tree

I left my legal practice to embrace my passion as an author, transformational speaker/trainer, and the creator of Empowered Way Coaching. I help women entrepreneurs and professionals open their hearts, rejuvenate their souls, and embark on a new path to happiness.

I have noticed over the course of my practice that women also have a difficult relationship with money. When I examined my own relationship, I realized that I was never taught how to be with money, as a woman!

I am now a Spiritual Wealth Expert, connecting women to their wealth so they can heal the world.

Let me help you rediscover your magnificence and value. Inner peace and happiness are the by-products.

  • My books are transformational and life-changing.
  • Meditations and mindfulness are embedded in all of my work.
  • Online courses about money and life:

When you uncover your own worth and share it with the world, you have stepped onto the path of Empowered Way.

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The Money Tree is a spiritual parable disguised as a lesson plan for anyone with a troubled money relationship. The narrator is Flow, a

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