The North West Parallel 1999

The North West Parallel 1999 - the greatest trick find enlightenment

  • Title: The North West Parallel 1999
  • Author: William Dann
  • Illustrator: Jose Francisco Olea Gutiérrez
  • Genre: Urban, Fiction, Literary Fiction, Literature
  • Length: 277 pages
  • Publication Date: October 29, 2021

The North West Parallel 1999 – Synopsis

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” – Charles Baudelaire

The North West Parallel 1999 - the government creating confusion

As the new millennium approaches, we follow William on his quest for enlightenment and purpose. Will he find meaning in his life? Will he find love and acceptance?

London, 1999 and a racist lunatic is on the rampage. Bombs are causing havoc. Communities are under attack.

The impending Millennium Bug is creating confusion. Will it cause the destruction of technology or will technology take over? The government is taking no chances and a major upgrade of computer systems is being implemented.

Join William as he is drawn deeper into London’s criminal fraternity. The police are closing in on the infamous BackBeat Club’s owner. Operation Le Grande, involving over 500 police officers, is about to go down!

William has some tough choices to make. Where will his loyalty lie?

The North West Parallel features documentation of actual events in the recent history of London.

In certain cases incidents, characters and timelines have been changed for dramatic purposes.

Do you remember the good ole days?

(For people struggling with addiction and mental health issues. Colour in some of the images at times when you want to get out of your head.)

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Author Bio

The North West Parallel 1999 - criminal fraternity good ole days

William Dann is Chief Storyteller at dgmedia. William has a passion for London and its history. Through storytelling, William wishes to document the lives and significant events in the history of London and its people.

William is a graduate of various creative Writing courses and teaches English as a foreign language in his day job. The North West Parallel is the first of a series of graphic novels and comic books William wishes to publish.

We believe in 4D learning. By attaching a story to historic events the reader becomes more involved. Our illustrations enable audiences to feel more for the story. By colouring the images, a bond is formed and the reader develops empathy.

William is also interested in and focused on people’s recovery from drug and alcohol abuse as well as those suffering from trauma. The company dgmedia, which William co-founded, is dedicated to improving mental health through The Millennium Hug movement. Our books are designed to help people focus on themselves and avoid the temptation of substance abuse.

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