The Pandarus File

The Pandarus File - New York City Gold Digger Suspense Mystery

  • Title: The Pandarus File
  • Author: Kyle Keyes
  • Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Mystery
  • Length: 346 pages
  • Publication Date: January 8, 2010

The Pandarus File – Synopsis

The Pandarus File - Gold Digger New York Thriller

Helena Hollister was a New York City gold digger who latched onto her father-in-law’s fortune by seducing a Hobbs Creek 24 yr old who suffered from motor slowness. Helena got away with murder and the money, while two backwoods lawmen failed to unravel the mystery of who killed Elmer Kane. The case went unsolved from 1958 until early in the cyberspace age, when Helena Hollister surfaced in Right Bank, Paris as Anna Ward.

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About the Author

The Pandarus File - Elmer Kane Unsolved Case Mystery Crime

Kyle Keyes /Rapid Reads presents MATCHING CONFIGURATIONS / Quantum Roots III, based on a belief that any quark assembly that spins through worm holes, must format with a matching configuration, triggered from this side of a time wall.

Quantum Roots is based on evidence that quarks have anti-quarks, which serve as roots for fermion energy bits, and that flavors under spin produce quarks.

When Olan Chapman’s life cycle ends, his quarks rejoin these anti-quarks on the “other side,” where they await Chapman’s next adventure.

In this third Quantum Roots novel, the idea of Matching Configurations, replaces “string” and “pocket” theories as a method to segregate said quarks. This is done by a trigger that throws up a wormhole design on Einstein/Rosen’s two dimensional time wall that would format with Chapman’s personal energy bits.

Should this “quantum space”-to-“space/time” theory pan out, it could explain certain paranormal activities, as well as standard evolutionary patterns already in progress. “Rapid Reads” is a Kyle Keyes feature that keeps readers in step with today’s high gear society.

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