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  • Title: The Power of Hello
  • Authors: Phebe Shumate-Yawson
  • Genre: Children’s Books
  • Length: 35 pages
  • Publisher: Xlibris US
  • Publication Date: September 16, 2016

The Power of Hello – Synopsis

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The Power of Hello is a narrative through the eyes of Lola, a thirteen-year-old girl who was afraid to make friends but is then unexpectedly befriended by Briyah Lewis, the richest, most beautiful, and popular girl in school. It’s a story about her journey, how she goes from funny and shy then becomes strong and wise, stronger than she ever knew she could be with the wisdom of her grandmother instilled in her since her infancy. Lola and her friends go through it all together—misunderstandings that nearly end their friendship, bullying, bad hair days, and bad breath. These friends stand together with the help of one another and their parents and Lola’s guardian angel, Rokan (he’s an eagle). These friends love and protect one another through the Power of Hello.

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About the Author

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Phebe Shumate-Yawson graduated from Devry College of Technology in 2002 with an Associates Degree in Telecommunications Management and Special Honors in social and academic achievements.

In September of 2016 she released her first two books, “The Power Of Hello” and “Sweet Dreams Baby Lion. In August of 2017 she received a Gold Medal IPA award for Best Young Adult Fiction Book 2016 for “The Power Of Hello”

She was homeschooled and graduated at the age of 16 before attending Devry College of Technology in the summer. Upon graduating from Devry she moved to Ghana, Africa for over 15 years. There she assisted a midwife for over 9 years learning much about healthcare and midwifery.

She wrote music for children in hospitals, performed in sketches for under privileged and orphan children. She assisted in the cooking and feeding of over 200 children a week.

While in Ghana, she expressed her passion for poetry and rapping in a known band that performed all over the country, at schools, weddings, a variety of villages, even prominent events for sitting Presidents of Ghana such as the Panafest.

She was the Assistant Director for a distance learning program where students from all over the world where able to video conference with one another a dispel myths about each other’s countries and get to know one another and the truth about where they each lived.

She is currently working on her next project “She Cried Wolf” due to release in the Fall 2018.

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on 04, Apr 2018
This is a really cool website. Just tried it out on a whim and I'm so glad I did! Thanks "Writers Pay It Forward", the more I think about it, the more I see it's truth. Only one writer can understand what another writer is going through, how best to show appreciation for your craft but to help someone else. If we don't show respect to each other first, we make it hard for others to. Everyone thinks writing is easy, well, it isn't. It's legit hard work, it agonizing, brain fogging, heart breaking yet completely fulling and exhilarating work. I'm proud to be an author and I'm grateful I found this site.
Phebe Yawson

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