The Shadow of Forever

The Shadow of Forever - Sleepy Little Village

  • Title: The Shadow of Forever: A Norse Saga
  • Author: Marshall Seddon
  • Genre: Literature, Fiction, Family Saga
  • Length: 353 pages
  • Publication Date: May 6, 2020

The Shadow of Forever – Synopsis

The Shadow of Forever - A String Of Events

When a band of Berserkers enters the sleepy little village of Kinester on the west coast of Skattenoya, a string of events is touched off that disrupts the lives of every person in the village. Soon it becomes apparent that the Berserkers are part of a mysterious campaign led by a Norse lord named Maarku, whose lust for power knows no bounds. Villages up and down the coast are taken over, using an archaic custom called “Holmgang,” where the winner of a duel takes the property and family of the loser.
Based on sagas, legends and myths, The Shadow of Forever is the account of the struggles of Eric and Bryn, a brother and sister forced by circumstance to come of age in the violent world Maarku has created.

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