The Woman In The Yellow Dress

The Woman In The Yellow Dress - Intriguing Woman

  • Title: The Woman In The Yellow Dress
  • Author: Robert Forte
  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Crime
  • Length: 312 pages
  • Publication Date: August 30, 2016

The Woman In The Yellow Dress – Synopsis

The Woman In The Yellow Dress Book - Accused Of Murder

Who can say no to a vulnerable woman who needs assistance? Certainly not Patrick Miles Atwater. But it may be the worst mistake he will ever make.

Patrick, a private investigator, is a hero in Los Angeles. An ex-marine and ex–police officer, he’s truly a stand-up guy. His duty, as he sees it, is to help the victims of monstrous men—and he takes that obligation seriously.

When Rachel Stone Barbieri finds him at his local watering hole, she says she needs his help—but her motives are murky and her intentions unclear. Patrick knows he can’t trust her, but at the same time, he finds he can’t turn this intriguing woman away. Claiming she suspects her husband of having an affair, she wants to engage Patrick’s services to confirm her suspicions—and despite his better judgment, Patrick takes the case.

He was wary of her from the get-go, but even Patrick can’t foresee the magnitude of trouble this simple case of adultery will lead to. Accused of murder and hunted by the police, will Los Angeles’s hero uncover the truth and live another day—or will the woman in the yellow dress be his ultimate downfall?

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About The Author

The Woman In The Yellow Dress - A Vulnerable Young Woman Worst Mistake

Robert Forte is a multi-talented American writer and producer at Fifth Wind Films. Robert has written or produced seven stage plays, three television sitcoms, one musical, twenty-four screenplays and his first crime novel, The Woman in the Yellow Dress. The Yellow Dress is based on his original screenplay and the first in the Patrick Miles Atwater Trilogy. Now, Magenta Dairy and War of Ghosts — available on Amazon — continues and completes the adventure into the early 1950s. Robert lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, Evelyn.

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