The Year Of The Rat: A Covid Origin Novel - Humanity Life And Death Struggle

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  • Title: The Year of the Rat: A Covid Origin Novel
  • Author: Ryan Hale
  • Genre: Political Fiction, Politics, Fiction, Literature
  • Length: 304 pages
  • Publication Date: February 6, 2023

The Year of the Rat: A Covid Origin Novel – Synopsis

The Year Of The Rat: A Covid Origin Novel - Global Health Suspense-Filled Story

When Government, big pharma, and science work together for the good of humanity, bad things are corrected. When bad policy drives that relationship, good work is corrupted and humanity pays the price. This cautionary tale is the backdrop of the suspense-filled story of one man’s life and death struggle across continents to survive. This Covid Origin story offers a glimpse at how pandemics may befall the human race.

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Author Bio

The Year Of The Rat: A Covid Origin Novel - Coronavirus Outbreak Survival

Ryan Hale is a retired General Manager from the restaurant and telecommunications businesses. He lives in a Dallas suburb with his wife of forty-four years. The Year of the Rat is one of six novels, five fiction and one non-fiction Memoir he has written and published in 2023.He writes full-time and he and his wife enjoy time with his grown children and grandchildren as well as his labradoodle.

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5.0 Rating From 1 Reviews.
on 31, Mar 2023
I loved this book! The characters felt like friends or a couple I would love to spend time with. It was very smartly laid out. The possibility it suggests is plausible, especially after what we have recently heard, but the best part is the relationships and the storyline. Great book! I hope there is a sequel.
Sue Kisor