Those Darn Stripes - Teaching English In Ecuador Total Life Changes

  • Title: Those Darn Stripes
  • Author: Tyrel Nelson
  • Genre: Biographies, Memoirs
  • Length: 106 pages
  • Publisher: Tyrel Nelson
  • Publication Date: January 10, 2021

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Those Darn Stripes – Synopsis

Those Darn Stripes - Living Overseas Finding Love Again

In the fall of 2008, Tyrel Nelson returns to the United States after teaching English in Ecuador for a year. Although living overseas was quite an adjustment for the Minnesotan, the months to follow (mostly spent around his stomping grounds) bring on life changes far bigger than anything he had encountered in South America. Fortunately, his pop and confidant, Jay, is there to guide Tyrel through his depression in the Great Recession, which is not only caused by a stretch of joblessness but also exacerbated by the breakup with his longtime girlfriend.

The days slowly start to look brighter for the writer nevertheless. He unexpectedly finds love again. He eventually finds work that is meaningful. Just when he turns the corner, though, Nelson runs into another awful trot: he learns his best friend is going to die.

Those Darn Stripes captures an intimate and intense period which precedes and succeeds the death of Ty’s father. Using his bond with nature—a connection he learned from and shared with his dad—the author pictorially sets the scene of each vignette, taking his readers to meet memorable gals and gents, on foreign jaunts, to old haunts, and through moments that continue to haunt him.

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Those Darn Stripes - Connection With Dad Bond With Nature

Tyrel Nelson grew up in the southern part of the Twin Cities. He studied in Venezuela and Spain as an undergrad at the University of Minnesota. After earning a B.A. in Journalism and Spanish Studies, he received his School for International Training TESOL Certificate from the Experiment in International Living in Quito, Ecuador. Over the past fifteen years, Nelson has led many volunteer trips to Latin America and written a few nonfiction books, including his latest memoir, Travels and Tribulations. He lives in Minneapolis with his lively wife, bright-eyed daughter, and troublesome turtle.

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Those Darn Stripes captures an intimate and intense period which precedes and succeeds the death of Ty’s father. Using his bond with nature

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