Those Were The Days

Those Were The Days - high school friends true friendship book

  • Title: Those Were The Days
  • Author: Ava Danielle
  • Genre: Romance, Teen & Young Adult
  • Length: 313 pages
  • Publication Date: November 15, 2021

Those Were The Days – Synopsis

Those Were The Days - true friendship ups and downs - friendship books young girlsTreasure your friends. The one’s you make in high school.

Julia and Cassie met Freshman year in
Waynesville High School, Missouri.
They became inseparable.
Never crushing on the same boy they each found their match,
the one they thought they were
destined to be with.

Only tragedy nearly took them all out.

Their friendship had its ups and downs – they were tested at every turn.

But a true friendship will surpass everything,
won’t it?

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Author Bio

Those Were The Days - friendship books

Ava Danielle is a bestselling author and bibliophile who has her nose stuck in a book every moment she can. When she’s not writing or reading she’s either listening to old records dreaming of New York City, talking to her friends scattered all across the US and Europe, or watching This is Us on television.

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