Tik Robin and the Krismas Goblin

Tik Robin and the Krismas Goblin - Prepare To Fight For Survival

  • Title: Tik Robin and the Krismas Goblin
  • Author: Anthony Sergeant
  • Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy
  • Length: 258 pages
  • Publisher: Lambs to Lions Press
  • Publication Date: August 27, 2020

Tik Robin and the Krismas Goblin – Synopsis

Tik Robin and the Krismas Goblin - Fight For Survival Stores

Out of myth and legend an ancient foe has arisen, threatening all life across the Six Settlements and lawless lands alike. As creatures far and wide prepare to fight for survival, the reluctant Tik Robin is facing a desperate challenge of his own as he attempts to rescue his forlorn friend from a life of brutal slavery. Across mountain and moor Tik’s quest becomes bigger than just a rescue attempt as he soon discovers a shocking secret that could turn the tide in the war to come.

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About the Author

Tik Robin and the Krismas Goblin - Desperate Challenge To Rescue His Friend

Tik Robin is a happy consequence of my relationship with the natural world. I’ve always been curious about the nature around me but being raised in a sporting household, with football being the obsession during my formative years, there was little time to nurture the naturalist inside me.

This all changed when aged 19 I went to work for my Uncle on his farm. My Uncle is a big naturalist and an expert birder. He introduced me to the creatures zipping past us in the field whilst we harvested our crop. It was like being awoken from a slumber, suddenly – and simply by looking to the sky – a whole new gloriously beautiful world was introduced to me. From those times in the fields, my relationship with nature grew exponentially. My adventures took me to all corners of the Lancashire countryside and this is where the story of Tik Robin began to emerge.

In the decade since Tik’s inception I have achieved so much in my life that I will be eternally proud of. After earning a modest degree in Media Practice I spent time as a Postman and an IT Technician. During this period I was lucky enough to marry the most wonderful woman I’ve ever met and we were blessed with three amazing children. Our little miracles motivated me to continue writing, the dream always being to tell the tale of Tik Robin to my eldest son Edward, who is a very keen and skilled naturalist already, and then to my daughter Amelia and my youngest son Henry when they are the right age.

Throughout the last decade, my writing momentum has often been stalled by life – both the good times, and the challenging ones. I managed to carve out a career in teaching which took me from Year 6 Teacher in Lancashire to Head Teacher of a small Primary School in the Highlands. I had so many amazing experiences working with children and felt I did my best to improve the lives of every child in my schools. It is a career I am forever proud of.

However, years of long hours and an overly stressful lifestyle took their toll. Unfortunately in early 2019, my life was turned upside down when I was diagnosed with CNS Lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. The resulting treatment and recovery has cost me my career but it has also tested my resolve, I do not quit – I never have and thanks to my parents, who raised me to take things in my stride, no matter how challenging, this journey eventually brought me back to my native Lancashire. With my family beside me, I came home and this allowed me, with the help of my supportive wife Erica, to finish and publish my book.

At the time of writing, I am enjoying reading my novel with my eldest son Edward, he loves the book and I am living the dream that began many years ago – this is who it was for all along and not only can I share this story with him, but we also share our wild adventures also – we all do. I believe life is ultimately about faith and as a Christian, I believe that sometimes the darkest times will be followed by a new and brighter dawn.

My life now is about recovery and my family. This includes using my time to write books that will inspire children and adults to fall in love with the natural world around them. I believe the children of today, this emerging generation, should be empowered to do what generations before them have failed to do – to save the world, against all odds – just like Tik Robin and Kyfe Rabbit do in my book, and fight for the ones they love, stand up for the beautiful planet we call home and showcase our species as the intelligent, creative, caring and passionate beings we were always meant to be.

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