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  • Title: Tikkunim: (Corrections)
  • Author: Jesse Bogner
  • Genre: Politics, Social Sciences, Commentary & Opinion, Discrimination & Racism
  • Length: 312 pages
  • Publication Date: January 21, 2018


Tikkunim (Corrections)

By Jesse Bogner

The Book Tikkunim, Tikkunim Corrections

Jesse Bogner is an author, screenwriter, and journalist.” His bio starts out as such, and everyone who reads it knows it.

But, what not everyone knows is that… several years ago, while participating at a congress in Israel, I had met a young boy. His name was Jesse, and he succeeded to grab my attention. Primarily because at that age (well, I did not ask his age, but for sure, he seemed to be very young)… not many young people are so interested in spirituality.

Years passed by and I saw him from time to time on the screen only. Same boy, same passion… and some more. Not that I ever personally talked with him; I preferred to observe Jesse from the distance.

Coincidentally or not, I recently found that he already published his second book.

So… I was curious about the boy who grabbed my attention. And I started to read… Jesse Bogner’s Tikkunim.

After the publication of my first book, The Egotist, I began writing articles about politics and the spiritual roots of a world in crisis. A world of contradictions that reveals the flawed development of man using rational systems. These rational systems that cannot cope with an irrational world and the seemingly irrational nature of the creatures that inhabit it. It began as supplemental work to the novel I was working on, before becoming an obsession, a calling from above.

And as such, the book Tikkunim (Corrections) was born.

First… I must admit that the word “tikkunim” has fascinated me for more than ten years, even from the first moment when I heard it. For this reason, Jesse’s book appealed to me more than a book’s title can do.

Second… Right after I had started reading it, I understood that the book is mainly an indiscriminate radiography of American politic, spiced with global politics too.

Although I am not into politics (and, I love to think that I never will be)… the author’s words kept me reading on, due to a catchy compilation between the reality of our society, and the filters applied by the author’s mind, through his spiritual journey.

The more I explored political tropes, the more my perception changed.

To say that it’s a very well researched, thought-provoking collection of articles and essays that put things in perspective, is less than I want to express.

In fact, it’s so much more… mainly because the author uses kabbalistic meanings and interpretations. Especially the final part where he approaches the deepness of the opposite forces, the end of suffering, pleasure-seeking and its alternative, opportunity to correct the world, Torah and angels, the world’s four phases, the absence of shame, social injustices, unconditional love, and much more.

The book is not only a collection of intelligently written articles and essays, but it’s also too profound to even try to dig into its surface with a review.

Tikkunim is powerful. So powerful that, it succeeded to determine a non-politic person like me, to read from the first page to the last, without even trying to skip any lines.

Tikkunim is about change, about reasons, about meanings, about chaos, about relationships, systems and the future. About our possible bright future, whose brightness depends on us… the Earth’s inhabitants.

I used my highly rational mind as a tool to illustrate how the world was no longer rational. Though politics was the specter to look at the world’s contradictory and destructive developments, I felt the source of all these troubles came from a spiritual source, a fundamental lack of connection between people.

Jesse Bogner not only succeeded to keep me busy, but I almost devoured Tikkunim. Nevertheless, he also made my heart beat faster, while my mind has revolted many times. Especially the third part named “Building a world of love out of the ashes.” Talking about genital mutilation and north Afrikaans, Jews, refugees and holocaust, victimhood and self-proclaimed victims, freedom of religion and much, much more… it was excessively strong for me.

Jesse Bogner’s Tikkunim is a call. A call to corrections, to connect with each other, to improve our world, to love each other above all our differences.

The only choice we have is to redefine how we measure success in our world. We have to strive to repair our world over our individual desires and this is only possible if we make a decision to connect with each other specifically for this purpose. We need to care for the whole above even our own interests. We need to shift humanity from egoists to altruists, but before we can achieve this we need to recognize our nature. Precisely because of our current egoistic nature we don’t understand a single thing about reality.

Although there are more than 300 pages in this book, although (as I already stated) I am not into politics, the brilliant and clever way the author structured the chapters hooked me so tightly that… the last line in the book took me by surprise and left me still hungry to read more.

He is currently writing a novel.

Jesse’s book ends as such. Well, I was surprised to see that the book ended so soon. However, the statement is in fact great news for me. Tikkunim is the book which made me love the way the author writes. Therefore, I am curious and anxious to read the novel. Will Jesse Bogner raise the bar even further? Who knows? I will patiently wait to see.

As for now, I’ll make my duty as a reviewer to conclude.

For you, who see that the world is broken, I recommend Tikkunim (Corrections).

For you, who want to help in repairing the world, I recommend Tikkunim (Corrections).

For you, who are already tired of the push and pull of the ego game, I recommend Tikkunim (Corrections).

For you, who want to end the cycle of suffering, I recommend Tikkunim (Corrections).

Finally, for you who want to widely open your eyes, towards the hidden part of our reality, I recommend Tikkunim (Corrections).

That being said, I’ll end my review with the author’s words.

However, I am hopeful. The darkness only appears to reveal the light at the end of the tunnel.

5 Stars from MC Simon, the WritersPayItForward’s reviewer.

Five Stars Book Review

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An Excerpt from Jesse Bogner’s New Book “Tikkunim” Corrections

Tikkunim: (Corrections) – Synopsis

The Book Tikkunim, Tikkunim Corrections

After the success of his spiritual memoir, The Egotist, Jesse Bogner used his tools of perception to write articles about the climate of the world. This compilation is more than merely the sum of its parts. It’s a journey through the mind of someone’s spiritual transformation commenting on the corporeal plane of existence. From Trump, to anti-Semitism, to Israel, Bogner uses the issues of his time to express the hidden nature of reality.

The book offers a glimpse into the mind a new kind of journalist: responsible, ethical and solution-based journalism that can generate a genuine shift of values.

Over the last few years, the author has gone through a major transformation in life. From a life of addiction without purpose, Jesse has expanded his perspective by understanding the process the world is going through and his unique role in it, and share this insight with the world.

Another major transformation occurred on the day of the election when Jesse switched from being a hard-core liberal to a Conservative, to the dismay of many family members and friends who cut ties with him.

This book is for anyone who is tired of living in a world ruled by egotistical pursuits. It is intended for people who wish to find real solutions to the world’s escalating problems, which all mainly stem from us not getting along here together.

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Jesse Bogner Pic

Jesse Bogner is an author and journalist. His memoir and social critique, The Egotist, has been translated into four languages. In 2013, he moved from New York City, where he was born and raised, abandoning a decadent lifestyle chockfull of substance abuse, to study Kabbalah in Israel. His work has been featured in The Daily Caller, The Huffington Post, The Jerusalem Post and The Times of Israel. He has been featured in misleading articles from media outlets including CNN, Wired Magazine and others. His book of articles, Tikkunim (Corrections), was released in January 2018. He is currently writing a novel.

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I must admit that the word “tikkunim” has fascinated me for more than ten years, even from the first moment when I heard it. For this reason, Jesse’s book Tikkunim (Corrections) appealed to me more than a book’s title can do. Right after I had started reading it, I understood that the book is mainly indiscriminate radiography of American politic, spiced with global politics too.

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