Trail of Misery

Trail of Misery

Trail of Misery - A Deadly Virus

  • Title: Trail of Misery (Apocalypse Trail Book 1)
  • Author: N.A. Broadley
  • Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult, Post-Apocalyptic
  • Length: 243 pages
  • Publication Date: July 1, 2019

Trail of Misery (Apocalypse Trail Book 1) – Synopsis

Trail of Misery - Alone And Afraid

A deadly virus has left Beth alone and afraid.She must leave her home with almost no supplies when she is attacked by a neighbor. Now forced to set out on the Appalachian Trail with only her backpack, two guns and a turkey carving knife. Will it be enough for one woman alone in the wilds?On a mission to find safety and a place to survive, Beth finds others in an unlikely trio struggling to find a new life. A young girl, mute with eyes blue as glass, a convict with a rage against evil, and a dog left abandoned by the merciless virus. But… There are others on the trail. And they have more sinister motives. They’re on a mission, too – to take whatever they can from whomever they find. They won’t give up the chase until they get what they want.And they want everything.”

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About the Author

Trail of Misery - Alone In The Wilds

N.A. Broadley is a mother of two grown children, two grand-children, a wife and a homesteader. She has passion for writing funny homesteading stories along with post apocalyptic fiction. She lives and fights with a rooster named Peckerhead, who makes it his mission to make her life as interesting and as challenging as it can be.
From a small homestead in Southern New Hampshire, in a small log cabin, N.A. Broadley shares with you her love of prepping, homesteading and her books based on the premise of ‘What if?

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