Travels And Tribulations - Emotional Collection Of Vignettes

  • Title: Travels and Tribulations
  • Author: Tyrel Nelson
  • Genre: Self-Help, Death, Grief, Biographies, Memoirs, Travel, Health, Fitness, Dieting
  • Length: 133 pages
  • Publisher: Tyrel Nelson
  • Publication Date: August 24, 2022

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Travels and Tribulations – Synopsis

Travels And Tribulations - Collection Of Vignettes

In the spring of 2020, Tyrel Nelson lost his mother. And he lost his job in the summer. Isolated by the pandemic and hamstrung by agony, he felt forgotten by the world as it marched on. Unhappy, uneasy, and unemployed, he began picking himself up by putting down his thoughts on a yellow legal pad.

Battling through his bereavement on paper proved to be cathartic. But he needed more – a writing project he could sink his grief into. So he sorted through many of the narratives he had composed over the last dozen years. Reflecting and reexamining his existence, Tyrel brainstormed what to do with the pieces which pulled at him the most. A compilation describing significant individuals, places, and moments during the past decade-plus started to take shape.

Travels and Tribulations is an emotional collection of vignettes, which commences in 2008 and concludes in 2020. While readers follow him on excursions in North, Central, and South America, they also accompany Nelson to the peaks and valleys of his personal life. Profoundly impacted by the deaths of both his parents, the author guides the audience through his anguish, depicting reminiscences and regrets as he openly tries to make sense of everything.

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About The Author

Travels And Tribulations - Losing Both Parents At A Young Age Emotional Vignettes

Tyrel Nelson wears many hats—award-winning writer, bilingual teacher, non-profit organizer, and service-trip leader—to name a few. Tyrel has lived in Venezuela, Spain, Nicaragua, and Ecuador and is passionate about leading volunteer trips all over Latin America. In his latest memoir, Travels and Tribulations, he shares details from his unique experiences abroad and immersing himself in other cultures. He weaves his travel experiences with some of life’s greatest trials, emotions, and tender mercies throughout his beautiful books.

He holds a B.A. in Journalism and Spanish Studies—plus a School for International Training TESOL Certificate. He’s spent time teaching English abroad and currently teaches Spanish in his home state of Minnesota. He and his wife have been married 6 years, have an 11-month-old daughter, and a 31-year-old painted turtle, Kirby.

When he’s not jet-setting around the globe or working, Tyrel enjoys every minute spent with family—and playing his guitar for loved ones.

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Travels and Tribulations: In the spring of 2020, Tyrel Nelson lost his mother. And he lost his job in the summer. Isolated by the pandemic

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