Up Here

Up Here

Up Here - A Marriage Made In Heaven Love Triangle

  • Title: Up Here
  • Author: Jim Shomos
  • Genre: Humor, Fiction, Romantic Comedy, Inspirational, Romance
  • Length: 276 pages
  • Publisher: Busybird Publishing
  • Publication Date: August 14, 2020

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UP HERE Book (Available Now)

Up Here – Synopsis

A one-of-a-kind romantic-comedy that shouldn’t work but masterfully does.” ~ Never Ending Bookshelf.

As moving as it is funny, with wonderful characters and a fabulous light touch.” ~ Artisan Book Reviews.

Fun characters in messy situations, get the feeling senses working overtime.” ~ Happy Valley Reads.

I love this quirky story. This will have you giggling.” ~ Blaise Van, Goodreads, 5-stars.

Up Here - A Real Dilemma Modern Romance TaleWhen you’ve had two dream marriages, choosing your eternal soulmate in heaven is one hell of a dilemma.

Can you have more than one soulmate at the same time?

After two blissful marriages are cut short by tragic circumstances, Peter’s own early entry to heaven fills him with skepticism. Peter soon faces an impossible choice: with both wives Up Here, which woman is his eternal soulmate?

Christina and Jane have their own issues to resolve, especially considering they were best friends. From two marriages made in heaven, all three now have one hell of a dilemma.

And with Peter’s mother Up Here, too … well, she’s got her opinion!

The debut novel from Australian film & TV pioneer Jim Shomos. Up Here is a unique love-triangle featuring two dynamic women and one ro-man-tic; it’s a feel-good exploration of a modern romantic dilemma that asks the age-old question: what if?

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Author Bio

Up Here - More Than One Soulmate Love Triangle Books

Jim’s stories have skipped across film, TV, songs and novels. An international pioneer in web series, he has collected nominations and awards in Cannes, Film Victoria and the Australian Writers’ Guild.

“I’m a ro-man-tic, hooked on exploring contemporary relationships through fiction. Sprinkling love, laughter and sneaky tears.”

Rumors of an insatiable passion for Haigh’s Chocolates, Arsenal, Melbourne Victory cycling and blueberry muffins. Sometimes cycling for blueberry muffins.

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