Venus Underwater: Songs from Mermaidia

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Venus Underwater: Songs from Mermaidia

Venus Underwater: Songs from Mermaidia - Empower Your Child with a Collection Of Poems And Songs

  • Title: Venus Underwater: Songs from Mermaidia (Venus and Her Fly Trip Book 1)
  • Author: Julia Hengst
  • Illustrator: Esther Samuels Davis
  • Genre: Children’s Books, Children’s Literature, Animals, Children’s Marine Life Books,
    Children’s Mermaid Folk Tales & Myths
  • Length: 35 pages
  • Publisher: Mind Trip Productions
  • Publication Date: May 14, 2021

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Venus Underwater: Songs from Mermaidia – Synopsis

Venus Underwater: Songs from Mermaidia - Baby Mermaids Magical Underwater World

The first book of a new series that will empower your child discover their inner flow, Venus Underwater: Songs from Mermaidia introduces the magical underwater world of Mermaidia. This humorous and whimsical collection of poems and songs reveals how baby mermaids are made, what mermaid families are like, and how mermaids study magic at School of the Fish to become Sea Witches (not Sand Witches). Created by family therapist Julia Hengst the Venus Underwater series helps nurture the whole child, promoting self-esteem, confidence and social/emotional/mental health whilst helping with anxiety in a fun, playful way.

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Editorial Reviews

An inspiring read in so many ways – each of the works has a special feeling. It made me smile, laugh and relate to different personalities in the book. Itʻs definitely a unique and heart-warming way to express our feelings, actions and personalities. This is a kids book that I think many adults need to read. Iʻm looking forward to reading the entires series. I loved the different terms and their connections: Emoceans, Sane Lane, Unihorn, m.maximus and m.magnificus and their sets of eight. So clever! Absolutely loved it!!

— Andrea Moller, world record holding big wave surfer, mom, EMT

What an awesome opportunity for young folkx to be able to connect to the world in a more positive and affirming way. These books are going to touch many young hearts and promote self love for many. Not only is the language inclusive, but welcoming to all communities. Looking forward to reading more!

— America Islas, LMFT, Mom

This book is simply enchanting. The illustrations are delightful and appropriate for young children. Unlike the typically sexualized depictions of mermaids, these sea creatures are diverse and celebrate all kinds of shapes and colors. The language is playful, and the story is sweet, silly, and embraces positive values without moralizing. I recommend this book for boys and girls, and anyone who enjoys fantasy.

— Kate Gillooly, Mother of twin boys, Marriage & Family Therapist

Venus Underwater: Songs from Mermaidia is a guide through the answers we’ve all desperately sought since childhood:

Where do mermaids come from?

Why can’t we ever see them?

Do they sing and dance?

How do they stay underwater?

Sooo much more….

This clever and delightful book will enchant young and old. It takes the reader and listener “152 unfathomables deep in the sea” where imagination and creativity and freedom rule. I’m a 77 year old grandmother of four. I’ve read and reread this adventure through the “deep see” and each time found hidden treasures. I can’t wait to gather my grandchildren and share the giggles and insights that flow so gently from the pages.

— Julia Bromley, Grandmother

About The Author

Venus Underwater: Songs from Mermaidia - Promoting Self Esteem and Confidence

Julia Hengst is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, an avid surfer, traveler and word nerd who resides in Maui. Passionate about psychology, spirituality and media literacy, she holds an undergraduate degree in Media Studies from UC Berkeley, a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, and an imaginary degree from the University of Puns.

About The Illustrator

Venus Underwater: Songs from Mermaidia - Help Your Child Love Reading

Esther Samuels-Davis was born and raised in Catskill, a small town in upstate New York. In 2005 she moved to Oakland, California to study at California College of the Arts, where she concentrated in printmaking and illustration. After school Esther worked as a letterpress printer at Carrot and Stick Press until 2013 when she moved to Berlin. There Esther put her focus into writing and illustrating books. Since moving she’s interned for puppet maker Georg Jenisch, helped to organize the Hungry Eyes Zinefest, and illustrated for theater productions at Acker Stadt Palast, Literally Speaking Berlin, and the podcast Love and Radio. Her drawings and prose can be found in Maker’s Magazine and were featured on the Maker’s Movement blog.

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