We The People

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We The People

We The People - Governments scrambling Race against time

We The People – Book Details

  • Title: We The People
  • Author: Michael Raymond
  • Genre: Literature, Fiction, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, War, Military, Science Fiction
  • Length: 249 pages
  • Publication Date: September 12, 2008

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We The People – Synopsis

Book proceeds are pledged to Cancer Society.

We The People - Aliens Earth invasion Military preparedness


Dozens of cities worldwide are destroyed by nuclear bombs. Economies crumble and governments are scrambling. A group calling themselves ‘The People’ demand that all militaries disband and disarm.

Cliff Tanner, CIA, is in a race against time to find the group responsible because governments have started to comply. Instead of terrorists, he uncovers a covert plot by aliens to prepare the earth for invasion.

Can the governments of the earth put aside suspicion, politics, and rivalries in time to unite against a common foe?

Can what is left of our military prepare in time?

Could this really happen?

We The People – Reader comments for the novel

Hey I gotta say this is some good stuff. Very well-written. If you remember from the forum I’m not much of a fiction enthusiaist but “We the People” is a pretty good read even by my standards. UnderseaLcpl – subsim.com

I truly enjoyed it !! Found it very entertaining. I thought you wrote a good story … it was interesting from beginning to end.

I liked the scenes with Cliff and Mary … a little romance is always nice. Helen A.

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About The Author

We The People - Covert plot CIA Disarm

I am a Canadian from Ontario now but born in Montreal, Quebec – a long time ago. The picture is of a younger me. I have been writing my whole life. Most of that was done developing computer training courses in the corporate world. As a hobby, I spent many years writing rules for board games and variations of rules for existing games.

In 2005-2009 I began writing for fun and produced a novel, some poetry, and many short prose articles. My poetry can be found in my book, “Things I Did”. The same book contains many short prose pieces as well. The novel is titled “We The People” and is a science-fiction adventure involving an alien invasion.

NOTE: All proceeds from my novel ‘We The People’ and its e-book version will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

An audio book version is in production now – to be available on Amazon too.

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