Web of Lies

Web of Lies book - Life Of Crime

  • Title: Web of Lies
  • Author: Sheila Hall
  • Genre: Thriller, Literature, Fiction, Family Life
  • Length: 194 pages
  • Publisher: Michael Terence Publishing
  • Publication Date: April 18, 2021

Web of Lies – Synopsis

Web of Lies kindle - Family Member In Prison

Cathie stares at the photograph on the mantelshelf. Her eyes fill up with tears.

How could it have gone so wrong? One member of her family in prison. Another dead. A few years ago, Cathie and her husband, Tom, owned a beautiful house and ran a business. Now she was sitting on an old sofa in a rented house on a rough housing estate.

It is 1974. After leaving the army, Cathie and Tom, move to Wales to be nearer to Cathie’s sister, Jenny, who is the victim of her violent, abusive husband, Mick.

Mick drags Tom into a life of crime. Cathie is oblivious to her husband’s other life until she gets a phone call she will never forget.

Cathie loses her house and her business. She is put into temporary accommodation. With three children to bring up on her own, how can she get her life back together?

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