What is wrong with Ho’oponopono?

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What is wrong with Ho’oponopono?

What is wrong with Ho'oponopono? - understanding ho'oponopono my experiences

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  • Title: What is wrong with Ho’oponopono?: Do it better or just move beyond it
  • Author: Lolani London
  • Genre: Self-Help, Spirituality, Short Reads
  • Length: 17 pages
  • Publication Date: May 18, 2022

What is wrong with Ho’oponopono? – Synopsis

What is wrong with Ho'oponopono? - Ho’oponopono tweaked - ho'oponopono technique

My journey through the new age self-help version of Ho’oponopono, which was originally a Hawaiian practice of family therapy. It will be assumed the reader has a knowledge of Ho’oponopono. I will present a very brief history of Ho’oponopono and the adaptations made over the years, influenced by religion and new age thought.
I will explain my experiences and issues with the practice and how I tweaked it to my needs and eventually why I dropped using Ho’oponopono.
Some of your questions about the practice may be answered or reading of my experience and conclusions you may develop more questions or perhaps a better understanding.
I do expect negative feedback with this work, for various reasons. Remember, this was my experience.
This work is presented with a deep respect for the Hawaiian people and culture.

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Author Bio

Lolani London: a newcomer sharing experiences.

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