Who is That in the Mirror?

Who is That in the Mirror? Do You Know Who You Are

  • Title: Who is That in the Mirror?: Overcome the Imposter Inside,
    Discover Who You Truly Are, and Implement Habits to Maintain Your Authentic Self
  • Author: Darcey Kesner Hawkins
  • Genre: Self Help
  • Length: 163 pages
  • Publisher: Author Academy Elite
  • Publication Date: August 25, 2019

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Who is That in the Mirror?

Who is That in the Mirror? – Synopsis

Who is That in the Mirror? How Do You Know What Your Purpose Is



We’re conditioned from childhood to ‘conform’ to societies’ expectations or else suffer the consequences. Many of us carry this worldview into young adulthood and beyond.

We ask the question “Who am I?” but we don’t delve into the deeper answers. We give the cliché answers like I am _________ (insert your label) or I do _______ (insert your profession). The list is on-going.

None of this is wrong, but as you’ll soon find out none of it is right.

Author Darcey Kesner Hawkins understands this first hand because she lived it. In Who is That in the Mirror? she reveals the same steps which helped her peel away the layers of generational trauma and childhood sexual abuse. Although these uninvited experiences constricted her true identity, she took control of self-limiting beliefs from her formative years to become a Phoenix Rising, living life with intention.

Readers will discover how to

  • Remove layers hiding their true identity.
  • Discover their ultimate purpose.
  • Live with intention in work and family life.

Overcome the imposter inside, discover who you truly are, and implement habits to maintain your authentic self starting now!

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About the Author

Who is That in the Mirror? Discover Who You Truly Are

DARCEY KESNER HAWKINS is a Phoenix Rising. Through her writing, speaking, mentoring, and healing arts she helps people overcome the imposter inside, discover who they truly are, and implement habits to maintain their authentic self. Darcey is one of the masses who has struggled with finding out Who Is That in the Mirror?, what her passion is, and how to serve her community. Darcey’s journey began with generational trauma, a sense of not belonging, and insecurity. She never felt “good enough”. These self-limiting beliefs followed her into young adulthood where she threw herself into society’s expectation of ‘normal’. She became wife, mother, employee, full-time student, caretaker; always striving to ‘become’ but never achieving it-until now. Today, Darcey is a wise elder with years of experience and pain behind her. She invests in people beginning with her two grandchildren she is raising, care taking her mother for several years, and mentoring others in their personal growth. She lives in Washington with her two grandchildren, and two black ‘panthers’.

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