Wilderness Lodge - Life Or Death Book Suspense Action Fiction

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  • Title: Wilderness Lodge: Book 1 (Wilderness Lodge Trilogy)
  • Author: Jane Chemacki
  • Genre: Literature, Fiction, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense,
    Romance, Romantic Suspense
  • Length: 419 pages
  • Publisher: CozyUp Books
  • Publication Date: June 10, 2022

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Wilderness Lodge: Book 1 (Wilderness Lodge Trilogy) – Synopsis

Wilderness Lodge - Action &Amp; Adventure Romance Second Chances Book

Betrayal – Second Chances – Life or Death – Falling in Love

Welcome to Wilderness Lodge: It stands like nobility amidst its own forested kingdom that stretches along the shores the the great Lake Superior in Michigan’s majestic Upper Peninsula.

The Lodge was once the idyllic childhood home of beautiful, reclusive, Andi Forester, daughter and sole heir of the mighty Forester Dynasty. It’s magnificence long overshadowed by tragedy.

Now, Andi reluctantly returns to the Lodge to purge the ghosts of her past. She fully intends her visit to be short and discreet, having told no one of her plans.

But, she arrives to a deserted Lodge. Worse, a deadly blizzard is raging its way to the Lodge and all the wilderness surrounding it. When it hits Andi is stranded at the Lodge without power and cut off from the outside world, and help.

Upon discovering something mysterious in the rising snow drifts outside the Lodge Andi is catapulted into a series of chilling, heart throbbing events that force her to reclaim her fiery Forester spirit and to summon the courage she needs to face impossible challenges against all odds.

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Author Bio

Life Or Death Deserted Lodge Overshadowed By Tragedy

Hi, I’m Jane Chemacki. Thank you so much for spending time with my writings! I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.

My Wilderness Lodge series was born from a dream about saving a dog stranded in a blizzard here in Michigan. The dream stayed with me so I jotted down notes about it and from there my Wilderness Lodge series has taken on a life of its own.

I live in Michigan with my husband and our pack of rescue dogs and each precious pooch of ours captures my heart in special bonding powers.

Aspen, the charming rescue dog in Wilderness Lodge is characterized after my Alaskan Malamute “Big Jake” and his name given to the Forester patriarch.

If you like my books please don’t hesitate to leave a review and share your enthusiasm with your family and friends.

And please stay tuned for more Wilderness Lodge adventures and for other stories begging for release from my imagination!

Happy reading! The adventures continue!

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Welcome to Wilderness Lodge: It stands like nobility amidst its own forested kingdom that stretches along the shores the the great Lake

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