Writing Prompts: 99 Karate Chops to Writer’s Block

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  • Title: Writing Prompts: 99 Karate Chops to Writer’s Block
  • Author: Rob Fennell
  • Genre: Writing, Research, Publishing Guides
  • Length: 103 pages
  • Publication Date: December 24, 2018

Writing Prompts: 99 Karate Chops to Writer’s Block – Synopsis

Writer’s Block Solutions - Writing Prompts Easy

Designed especially for creative writers, bloggers, and journal-keepers, but equally useful for students, professionals, and non-fiction authors, WRITING PROMPTS: 99 KARATE CHOPS TO WRITER’S BLOCK will get your pen (or keyboard) moving again.

From superpowers to treasured memories, from the sublime to the ridiculous, from talking geese to contemplating your ideal workday, this collection is jam-packed with ideas to spark your writing.

Write on!

Rob Fennell is an author, editor, pastor, and educator from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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About the Author

Author Rob Fennell - Writing Prompts Teachers Corner

I’m an author, professor, and minister living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with my spouse, Sally, and our two adult sons. I enjoy writing across genres, including Christian theology, poetry, liturgy, and fiction.

In addition to my passion for writing, I love teaching, preaching, and music. Most days I move a lot of paper & answer a lot of email. But a good book, a cup of tea, a hike, a paddle in the canoe, or a long conversation is always a welcome distraction.

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