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  • Title: ZIN MIGNON and the SECRET of the PICKLED PIGS’ FEET
  • Author: Michael Daswick
  • Genre: Education, Reference, Children’s Books
  • Length: 234 pages
  • Publication Date: November 5, 2019

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ZIN MIGNON – Synopsis

Zin Mignon - Know The Truth

MasterChef meets Artemis Fowl in the fantastic adventures of 13 year-old culinary genius Chef ZIN MIGNON

Zin. If you’ve found this, I’m probably baking bread behind the Pearly Gates. It’s important you know the truth. About who you are, and where you came from. I was not the dopey deli dad who people thought I was. I only hid the truth to keep you safe. Being here in this deli was only to protect you…

The tale of Zin Mignon begins at the bottom of a jar of pickled pigs’ feet in his father’s pathetic Brooklyn deli. Upon his father’s death, Zin finds a secret note that sends him on a world-spinning adventure that takes him through the alleys of the homeless to the tables of billionaires.

Even though Zin is at the finest culinary school in Paris, he’s in a horrific pickle. He’s been kidnapped by the mysterious Mustard Monks and spirited away to their ultra-remote mountaintop abbey for a daunting apprenticeship. In time, he’ll be able to take their daunting Test. If he passes, he may join their secret Order and achieve the culinary success he’s always dreamed of. If he fails…

In the wildly appetizing first book of the Zin Mignon series, with the help of his family and friends, Zin is off to honor the solemn promise he made to his dad and to learn the incredible secret of his family legacy. How dark can it get? With humor, amazing exploits and heartfelt compassion, Zin uses food and his kitchen to build a recipe that will lead to his true identity. Can he cut the mustard, or is it all just pie in the sky?

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About the Author

Zin Mignon - Culinary Success

Michael Daswick wrote a story in second grade about a boy and his dog who shared one another’s people food and dog food. That story earned him a gold star from Mrs. Winters. Years later, Michael’s slightly more advanced stories won both of Columbia’s venerable literary awards: The Bennett Cerf Memorial Prize for Fiction and The Cornell Woolrich Fellowship for Creative Writing. These stories featured the character Chip Rock and were set in the (fictional) deteriorating SoCal beach town of No Palms. A few of those stories may be found in the collection, Hallboys.

Michael grew up in Pasadena, California where he worked in a much-maligned meat market, and played on beaches from Avalon to Zuma. That seedy meat shop and those beaches provide part of the setting for his epic novel, Chip Rock and the Fat Old Fart. Michael’s keen interest in food started in that same meat shop.

Michael and his wife Kim live in Scottsdale, Arizona. They have three children and two happy dogs. Everyone in the family offers a bounty of suggestions as to what direction his plot and characters should take next, and as any honest writer would tell you, this input is always invaluable. These novels would be much less than they are if not for this assistance.

Professionally, Michael has worked in the international golf industry and owned the leading dog shop in Scottsdale. He now writes full time.

Michael has always been interested in cooking and fancies himself a flashy cook and backyard barbeque superstar on his 28 year-old Weber grill. “My relationship with food comes through my family and, especially, our daughter with special needs. From her wheelchair, she’s great at ‘helping’ me cook in the kitchen. Nobody is as excited about food as she is, and this passion is contagious. She loves the Food Network and it’s her dream to become a chef.” Zin Mignon is the written manifestation of her dream and the family’s passion.

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The tale of Zin Mignon begins at the bottom of a jar of pickled pigs’ feet in his father’s pathetic Brooklyn deli. Upon his father's death, Zin finds a

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