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Instructors: Jacqui Malpass & Sarah Arrow

Blog Your Book In 30 Days Become A Published Author Show?Id=Iiisfqnk4F8&Bids=323058

Product Review by M.C. Simon

On the last day of the previous year, only a few hours right before 2016 knocked on our doors, I gave myself a present. I took the time to complete a Udemy course, “Blog Your Book in 30 Days – Become a Published Author“. I am already a published author. What attracted me to this course were the instructors’ names and the idea of blogging my next book.

Now… for all our readers who long to be authors but don’t think they have time, and for all the authors who want to maximize their books reach by blogging it…

Let me tell you… how due to this course, the New Year’s moment found me in a WOW state of mind! Two amazing instructors gave me all the information that I needed to easily succeed in publishing the book that I have in mind right now. Jacqui MalpassThe Word Alchemist, and Sarah ArrowThe Blogging Queen, explain each and every necessary step in over 44 lectures.

There’s practically nothing left out here. You’ll find everything you need related to:

  • Planning
  • Outlining
  • Chapter Framework
  • Blogging
  • Editing
  • Publishing
  • Re-purposing

Blog Your Book in 30 Days – Become a Published Author inspired me so much that I’ve already made my mind up – I’m in and I will write my next book following all the steps described by these two amazing coaches.

The course is not only technical but also inspirational. Even if you don’t think you’ll be able to write a book right now and you keep this desire on a subconscious hidden level, after viewing this course, you will definitely want to start! In addition, not only will you want to begin to write it, but you will also gain the confidence that you need to fulfill your wish.

In the end of the course, you will receive as a bonus, coupons for Jacqui Malpass’ other courses. This is really a great deal for anyone with a passion for writing!

You also find the link to Sarah Arrow’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge. I’ve done it and it helped me make a living from writing tremendously.

With all my heart I recommend Blog Your Book in 30 Days – Become a Published Author, to all the

  • Authors who already have a book that they want to promote on their blog and social media
  • Aspiring authors who want to write a book using the content they already have on their blog
  • Aspiring authors who want to use their blog to help them get a first draft of their book

The Five++ Star course is worth all the money and even more! Get it today and a real treasure will be revealed to you as well.

About the Instructors (Source: Udemy)


Jacqui Malpass

I adore working with inspirational, enthusiastic, energetic people with strong messages. People who want to make a difference. I would love to become part of your onward journey, the one that sees you finding your voice, writing an amazing book, becoming the best version of you and rocking that out to the world.

My passion is helping you to discover the book inside of you, and help you to become a published author, so that you can leave your legacy, heal, share your inspirational message, have fun, and build a personal brand that really rocks.

So, you want to write a book and turn it into a course…

I am an expert at getting your story out, and really finding the essence of what you want to say. And then saying it so that it is engaging and makes someone want to pick up and read your book.

I will take you from idea (or no idea) to outline, from planning it out to make writing easier, first draft to really enabling you to engage with your reader, and helping you to create something bigger than your book.

I have a background in professional training and personal branding and I additionally combine these skills to teach you how to turn your book into a course and how to build your personal brand.

So who am I?

I have been described in many ways – enthusiastic, high energy, inspirational, motivation, and fun. I have also been described as beautifully eccentric, which I do indeed take as a compliment. What you get is what you see. What I want for you is to own who you are and to share your gifts with the world.


Sarah Arrow

Blogging… I’ve written the post, the book and got the t-shirt, but now I need the course to go with it.

I’m a professional blogger and I’m a full-time blog coach, you might say blogging expert (I’ve a site listed by Forbes as a top website for women, one listed by MSN, and frequently tops the business blog lists), I’ve also won a few awards along the way and have a lot of peer recognition, but enough about me!

Let’s talk about how I can help you…

If you’re a small business owner looking to get your website working, then blogging will help you. If you are starting out on social media, then you’ll need “stuff” that you can share and blogging will give you that content.

Your blog is the center of what you do online, everything else radiates out from it.

Why? Because it’s the only thing you own online, the one place you can control and build your own community of like-minded people.

How long have I blogged for? Well once upon a time, there was this site called Geocities and you could update that site like a diary and I did… Boy, am I glad they’ve taken those sites down! My daughter was a baby sitting on my knee when we updated our “blog” and she’s now almost twenty!

The time sure does fly when you’re having fun!

And that’s how we’d learn blogging together, it’s fun and enjoyable. The courses I create are designed to generate traffic, boost your blogging techniques and boost your blogging confidence!

I’d love for you to join one of my courses so I can help you transform your blogging.

Learn more: Blog your book in 30 days – become a published authorShow?Id=Iiisfqnk4F8&Bids=323058


  1. Avatar Of Jacqui
    January 4, 2016 at 12:57 am



    Thank you for this review. I am delighted that you are inspired to write another of your wonderful books. Jxx

    1. Avatar Of Mc Simon
      January 6, 2016 at 11:21 pm

      MC Simon


      Thank you too, Jacqui! One of the best course I ever took. I hope that many writers will discover it. A real treasure 🙂

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