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  • Title: Love With Ease: How Smart Women Can Connect with the Partner of their Dream (Relationship Coaching Book 1)
  • Author: Andreja Andrews
  • Genre: Nonfiction / Self-Help
  • Length: 123 pages
  • Publication Date: February 16, 2017

Book Review
By M.C. Simon

Love with Ease: How Smart Women Can Connect with the Partner of their Dream
Andreja Andrews

If you would have asked me several years ago if I long for a “relationship where everything flows smoothly from the first date onwards,” I would have definitely answered “No. What a boring thing to bear.”
Meanwhile, I have met the man of my hidden dreams.
And… yes! Everything is going smoothly.
Is it boring?
No way!
Contrary. It is the most exciting relation I have ever thought possible.
Therefore, when I read Andreja Andrews’ statement about what everyone longs for in a relation… I smiled. Because I agree… after meeting my perfect half.
Moreover, I continued to read on; and I wish you would do it, too.

Love with Ease: How Smart Women Can Connect with the Partner of their Dream is a book for women who experience or experienced struggles in their love life.
Maybe you are one of them.
Maybe you can identify with the author’s words, “Men who were emotionally unavailable, cold, unloving or controlling. Men who disappeared on me or men with whom I just could not feel connected enough.
I remember how I started to believe that relationships must be very complicated and hard. They surely require a lot of work from both partners to be successful and happy. Luckily, I was wrong.”

Luckily, you are wrong, too. And all you have to do is to open this book and read. In the end… you’ll understand why; you’ll gain faith that you deserve the best and… magically you’ll start attracting “a whole new universe of possibilities.”

The book shows you some new tools and concepts that you need the most to achieve the success in your love life.
At the same time, it teaches you how to recognize your own old patterns and limiting beliefs that do not serve you.
Moreover, you will add the willingness to work on your mindset pouring a strong determination, you already have the perfect recipe to attain your goal.
The book focuses on what not to do, helping you learn the basic concepts of the Love with ease Program.

To conclude, I completely recommend to you this book if you need help or want to dig deeper into any of the following aspects:

  • The most common mistakes women make with men and suggestions of what to do instead
  • The difference between feminine and masculine energy in the relationship and how to tap into your feminine energy
  • How to communicate in a way that makes you feel like a Goddess and brings your man closer whilst creating emotional connection
  • The importance of letting go of control in a relationship and how to do it
  • How to approach dating as a tool for self-healing and self-empowering rather than just a tool for finding a perfect man
  • How to recognize a man that is right for you rather than having a checklist
  • Why loving and valuing yourself is so important for the success in your love life, how to do it and how to identify if you have some blocks that are preventing you from attracting the right person
  • How to be his Muse and a high-value confident woman with strict boundaries that will make you feel strong as a rock from the inside.

Five Star from MC Simon, The Writers Pay It Forward’s reviewer.

Five Stars Book Review


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Are you looking for the man of your dreams? A partner to share your life with? Are you finding that life has handed you an awful lot of lemons lately and you’re just tired of lemonade? Love With Ease helps smart women (like you) make the right relationship decisions.

This book is for you if you’re single and want to delve a little deeper into why things haven’t quite gone according to your relationship plan.

This book is for you if you have a feeling, an intuition that the person you’re with isn’t the right one.
This book is for you if you think your partner is behaving badly but they’re telling you they’re not.
Love with Ease will help you get clear on your relationship goals so that you find and keep the love that you want.

Love may be a four-letter word, but the right kind of relationship makes your life more abundant.

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About the Author

Andreja Andrews

Andreja Andrews is a certified relationship coach. She can testify from her own experience, that no matter where you stand now in your love life, you can end struggles, experience transformation and get much better results.

You too can experience this success in love!

The only thing necessary in order to achieve this is an understanding of how men and relationship work and a willingness to learn and practice some new concepts and basic love skills and secrets of attraction.

Andreja Andrews helps women to

  • get their man by embracing their feminine essence.
  • feel more confident and loving towards themselves and others.
  • to turn their love life around by shifting their vibe.
  • become more attractive to all men around.
  • love themselves
  • feel confident and allow their inner unique glow to shine from the inside out

After finishing Teachers Academy, Andreja Andrews became a Montessori educator and spent many years working with children in Montessori kindergarten and primary school. During her work there, she learned that many children with problematic behavior were a direct reflection of problems their parents had in their relationships. Children can hardly be helped if their parents are not helped.

That was precisely the moment when she started to search for answers to her main question which was “How to help couples to have better relationships?”. That was the moment when her journey as a relationship coach started. She wanted to make a change in her life and in the life of others.

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Love with Ease: How Smart Women Can Connect with the Partner of their Dream is a book for women who experience or experienced struggles in their love life.

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