Fifty, Fit and Fabulous – Book Reviews

FIFTY, Fit and Fabulous - Book Reviews

FIFTY, Fit and Fabulous – Book Reviews

Two Books Everyone Should Read

The idea that we can control our aging process has embraced my mind lately. I’ve been on this planet for almost half a century and I intend to look young as much as possible. Not only because I am a woman and women usually tend to appreciate these kinds of things, but also because by looking younger, it means to feel great and feeling great is, in fact, a state of good health.

I, therefore, searched and read about the subject and recently found two books that grabbed my attention. Their author is Beran Parry, and this is not the first time when I opened the covers of her books. Well… she has never disappointed me. Like the rest of her books, these two, form a small treasure for any person who wants to keep things under their control.

And… what other author would be more qualified to write about this subject, if not Beran Parry? When I read her first book and found out her age, I nearly fainted. I could swear that she was at least 20 years younger than me.

I have to admit, I already am a Beran Parry admirer. Her books not only teach you how to take care of your body but in one way or another they also direct you on how to align with your higher self.

Book Details

  • Title: Fifty, Fit and Fabulous …Naturally – Paleo Anti-Ageing Bible
  • Author: Beran Parry
  • Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting
  • Format: Kindle
  • Length: 295 pages
  • Publication Date: September 2, 2015
  • Publisher: One Life Wellbeing; 1 edition

Book Details

  • Title: Fifty, Fit and Fabulous …Paleo Cookbook – 250 Anti-Ageing Recipes
  • Author: Beran Parry
  • Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting
  • Format: Kindle
  • Length: 449 pages
  • Publication Date: September 3, 2015
  • Publisher: One Life Wellbeing; 2 edition



FIFTY, Fit and Fabulous …Naturally
Paleo Anti-Ageing Bible

This book is about a life journey, on the author’s “real life testing processes that have identified the most effective ways to develop great eating behaviors”.

Beran Parry, the author, wrote, “I really enjoyed writing this book for you”.

I say, “I really enjoyed reading this book for my body, mind and spirit!”

And, I am not stating this because I like how it sounds, but because the book describes the entire system that has become the Feel Fit, Fab and Ageless Approach.

The author is practically showing you the path to take in order to make you leaner and more energized so that a healthier version of you can come out, no matter of your age, weight, gender and hormonal state. Also, you will learn how to tame your body-fat problems and turn back the clock to help you find a younger and stronger you.

I was really happy to read this book, mainly because it is exactly what I need now. A book that proves to me that aging is a wonderful process that we can control by knowing some secrets. I wish each woman would read “Fifty, Fit and Fabulous” (men can also do this because they are also aging); the book is such an incredible gift.

“The myth of eternal youth may remain a charming fairy story but the power of re-generating long-term youthfulness is now within our reach.

The secrets, the science, the method and the technology are held within the pages of this extraordinary manual.”

The author scientifically and spiritually points out that now is the perfect moment when you need to give birth to a new, fabulous and ageless YOU. Moreover, you will receive the necessary tools to do it.

The book earns five stars from me.


FIFTY, Fit and Fabulous …Paleo Cookbook
250 Anti-Ageing Recipes

This is another pearl on my book shelves. I bought it together with “Fifty, Fit and Fabulous – Your Paleo Anti-Ageing Bible” because somehow, I wanted to have them both.

The book is not only a great read, but it’s also a continuation of the first one and brings the only piece that could have been added… the life-changing recipes that show you how to take control of your nutrition and how to discover your body’s potential to look younger whereby making you feel fabulous.

Reading this book, I started to wonder why we are making this life so complicated. Instead of keeping the “garbage” foods away from our houses, we torture ourselves stocking up on things that nearly kill us, and then struggling to resist them.

I am so happy I acquired both books! After reading them, I feel so empowered and so many things that were still unexplained to me are now well understood. My next step will be to go to the market, to pick out some healthy and rejuvenating food and… by following the recipes, I’ll finally begin my rejuvenation program.

Another five stars from me!

five stars book review

About the Author

Beran Parry

Beran Parry has been studying and researching intensively for more than three decades to bring you the best of truly effective nutritional therapy. Get ready to be delighted by delicious, fat-busting eating behaviors and learn how to apply the secrets of naturopathy and the miracle of functional medicine.

Beran’s studies and passions about well-being have now developed further into the incredible and exciting area of Functional Medicine and she is studying a Degree with the Functional Medicine University at present.

It is with great delight that she has developed the Skinny Delicious Series of Books.

An internationally recognized specialist who consults around the world, Beran advises clients on the best eating strategies for health and weight control. She develops fabulous nutritional programs. analyses eating behavior and designs totally effective weight loss strategies, Beran is committed to helping you find your ideal weight control strategy.

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