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By Tina Collins

Book Review

Book Details

  • Title: GamePlay
  • Author: Tina Collins
  • Genre: Erotica
  • Length: 55 pages
  • Publication Date: October 10, 2015
  • Publisher: Word Cat


gameplay by tina collins

Being my first time reviewing an erotic book, I didn’t know what to expect. I remember when I read the first erotic book, I was 15 and since then I didn’t feel the need to do it again. Having my own fantasies, I was not hungry to find someone else’s. But being a reviewer, one day I told myself that I should try this genre also.

I had needed some time before I was able to get into the first story, “A Change of Heart”. There was a moment when I thought I couldn’t do it. But I did. Somehow, the author succeeded to draw me into it. I also thought that I knew what I would find, but… surprise. The end of the first story was far from anything I might have thought that should be there. Pause. A break in my mind. I wondered and… I understood. What I was holding in my hands was a book written by an author on my taste level. A story with an unexpected end. I simply adore unexpected endings.

“Hmmm,” I told myself. Tina Collins deserves my attention.”

From that moment on, immersing myself into the rest of the book was a piece of cake. I already liked the author.

“A Forgotten Love,” was not exactly what I expected, though. It was somehow hard for me to understand what was happening, having three protagonists, but again… I liked the final ending.

“Dying Embers” I found it to be brilliant. From my point of view, the story was so good that I almost forgot that I was reading an erotic genre, and the plot itself hooked my mind.

I don’t know how other erotic writers approach this genre, but I know one thing, Tina Collins’ mind and her ability to hook the reader. I am not even sure if what I just read were simple erotic stories. I sense something bigger here. Not having something to compare with, I can only state that I didn’t expect to like the stories so much. I liked them not because they are erotic, but because the author is smart and intelligent. I would like to know that one day, Tina Collins will approach other genres as well. There are some in which I am sure she can become a best-selling author.

“Fire In The Thought” almost knocked me down. That was my favorite from all my points of view. Especially because I had to read the end twice to understand that… anything can happen from now on, and the author gives me the freedom to decide the plot.

These are only the first stories included in Tina Collin’s anthology. My conclusion after reading it… The author caught my attention not only with the written words but also with what was behind them, with what transcends between the lines. From my point of view, each of the stories would be great scenes from bigger stories. There are so many variants for great plots here, and I am sure that Tina Collins would do a great job writing all those mystery novels. I am sure my publisher would also agree. 🙂

My first erotic review is a five star! 🙂

five stars book review


Discover just how far how a group of people will go to fulfill their ultimate desires. This collection of erotic short stories is just a moment in time in several lives, including a lesbian couple who receives guidance from an unknown source. A misogynist, who uses women in the way he believes they deserve, only to finally realizing the true meaning of ‘fire in the loins’…

These are games that carry elements of risk. Could you play games in a similar vein? Are you willing to put your well-being in jeopardy in order to achieve your kicks? There’s only one way to find out.

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Tina Collins

Tina Collins is a published fiction writer, experienced book reviewer and social media marketer for authors. She is currently living in the most diverse city in Europe: London. She is single and is happy to stay that way for the near future. After a long break, she is delighted to be back behind the computer penning stories in the genres of erotica, horror and the paranormal. She publishes two blogs one of which focuses entirely on her favourite animal: the horse. The other she publishes posts geared towards authors giving advice on book marketing.

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