How To Be Happy

How To Be Happy

How To Be Happy

Udemy Course

Instructor: Wendy Tomlinson

how to be happy

Product Review by M.C. Simon

This course is about you making yourself happy rather than relying on others to make you happy.

The introduction is very human, and I appreciated this very much. Even if the instructor gives details between the lines about her expertise, instead of focusing on her professional background, the instructor preferred to talk about her worries, problems that she noticed one day in her life and her reasons for wanting to teach this course since she overcame all the blockages.

A nice surprise was that the instructor gives her students a workbook for this course. I am a regular Udemy student, and I do not recall other instructors giving you a written downloadable workbook. Moreover, I read it, and it seems to be useful, a real workbook full of practical exercises and not a general free ebook.

The beginning of the course focuses on the law of attraction. I know a lot about it, I learned to apply it with very good results. Therefore, I can call myself “an expert” in the law of attraction. From this status, I can affirm that the instructor explains what it’s all about in such an easy and clear way. Without using complicated words or demonstrations that can give one headaches in trying to comprehend, Wendy Tomlinson succeeds to analyze this universal law that is in our hands to use for free.

If you are still unhappy and feel that, something is blocking your advancement in life, if you are angry about the past or wondering why things are not as you would want them to be, I recommend this course for you. I am sure that after graduating it, you will see what happens around you with completely new eyes and… You will know what you have to do from that point onward.

The interesting English accent makes the instructor very sweet. 🙂 I add this comment, which is not exactly part of the review, but… I simply loved the way Wendy Thomlinson says after each course… “See you in the next course. Bye!”

Perhaps you will tell me that all coaches say this. I will not argue with you. What I want to point out is the fact that this instructor says it in such a way that it made me smile and suddenly feel happy hearing it.

In case that you’re asking yourself why I am a student of this course, being that I can already “handle” the law of attraction and have already discovered how happiness can be achieved, I will give you the following answer. I have been trying to study the way in which different coaches approach the management aspect of a course, so I enrolled in this course, and in some others. My future plans also include coaching, mainly online coaching. During this research, I found many interesting ways of approaching these courses. The course “How To Be Happy“, I found it to be very well planned, and the instructor’s mind so well organized while explaining things that many others try to explain but maybe don’t do so well. Therefore, I couldn’t stop myself from reviewing this course. I simply found it to be very good, and I want people who need this information to know about it also. I am a reviewer also, therefore… I will never surrender when it is about reviewing a good product.

“I choose happiness. I deserve to be happy.” These are things, which if everyone understands how they work, our world would be inhabited by many happy people… really happy people. I hope you will be one of them and, if you think you need a little support in achieving this state, I wholeheartedly recommend you taking this course.

If you are not an EFT practitioner but would like to be, you can find EFT techniques in this course which is taught in a very simple manner.

This course is probably for you if you are open to making positive changes in your mindset. You will find over 14 lectures and 1.5 hours of content. There are many techniques that will help you achieve the inner self-happiness without relying on other people or things and also learn how to shift from negative emotions back to happiness quickly.

So… “Make your decision! Your time to be happy is right now!”

About Wendy Tomlinson and the Course

Wendy Tomlinson

Wendy Tomlinson is a certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, EFT Master Practitioner and Life Skills Coach helping people understand how to use the law of attraction in their life so that they can create the things that they want and ultimately their ideal life.

Wendy teaches practical skills that can easily be applied into your day to day life so that you can start enjoying the journey (now!) and start attracting the life you want.

Courses taught in Udemy

How to be Happy:

Happiness comes from within. This course will help you to feel a deep down inner happiness.
This “How To Be Happy” Course is for people who want to add more happiness into their life and learn to rely on themselves for happiness rather than other people and material things.

Positive Parenting using the Law of Attraction:

Learn how to use the law of attraction as a parent to feel positive and empowered and share your skills with your child.

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