How To Become a Wealthy Author (Success Principles for Authors)

By Greg Parry

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  • Title: How To Become a Wealthy Author (Success Principles for Authors): Your Passport to Publishing Prosperity
  • Author: Greg Parry, PhD.
  • Genre: NonFiction / Authorship / Mentoring & Coaching
  • Length: 140 pages
  • Publication Date: October 31, 2015
  • Publisher: One Life Wellbeing

How To Become a Wealthy Author

How To Become A Wealthy Author

There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are. ~ W. Somerset Maugham.

There are many quotes I enjoy, therefore when I read one of my favorites in the introduction of this book, I told myself “MC, it seems this will be an interesting book.”

I was not mistaken. I found myself reading not only an entertaining book but one that also approaches a “problem” by going to its roots. Stating from the beginning that successful writing is not an accident, the author shares with the reader rules and principles that prepare anyone for a rewarding and long-term career as a successful author.

The book targets not only future creative and prolific writers but also those who actually sell their work… for money.

The first part focuses on the hard work a writer must carry out on the path to becoming an author. Because of the level of effort required to be a writer, I initially had the feeling that Greg Parry wanted to convince any aspiring author to quit even before getting started. But, soon I calmed myself down when he continued with,

Now please don’t misunderstand me. I absolutely do not want to discourage you in any way from writing. We’re here to support your ambitions. We want you to be successful, but we also want you to know what’s required to make it in your new profession.

“How to Become a Wealthy Author” explains very clearly that the moment you understand why you want to become a writer, you can assume full and total responsibility for everything associated with the project. This is the first foundation stone on the path to success. Focusing after this on the power of goals as a planning method for any author’s literary success, and then on affirmations, banishing the natural fear, “to do” lists that make you more productive, building better habits, and a never ending learning process, the book succeeded to satisfy my taste. I always prefer going beyond appearances, deep down to the root system.

The author doesn’t enter into the marketing aspects of the work which an author needs to experience at some point; therefore I suspect that we will soon see a continuation of this book.

In this practical manual, the principles of successful authorship are clearly identified and thoroughly explained by a bestselling author and business protégé, international writer, keynote speaker and business consultant, Greg Parry. The author

shatters the myths of having to be brilliant to be successful, of having to be a genius to stand out and lays out the mechanics of building lasting success with your writing.

If you’re serious about success and really want to turn your literary efforts into a regular and comfortable income stream, these are the methods that will reveal your hidden potential and your deeper capacity for wealth and fulfillment. The methods are essential for translating your dreams into reality.

Five Stars Book Review

Words from the Author

Greg Parry

The drive to succeed is a dominant feature of our lives so I am privileged to advise authors, government officials, political leaders, CEOs of multinational corporations, psychologists, peak performance athletes, medical professionals, senior management teams, teachers and parents and a host of creative individuals. The list is truly comprehensive. What all these people have in common is their humanity and a powerful need to experience the power of their potential for happiness, success and self-expression. Creating personal and corporate success is a further aspect of this total quest for complete self-realisation.


My personal journey began during a commercial career that lasted for more than twenty-five years. Part of the work involved studies in human behaviour and exploring methods for enhancing personal motivation and maximising success. I learned how early conditioning and the environment can shape so many of our choices and, ultimately, this led me to examine why so many people were living lives that simply failed to express their true potential for happiness, wealth, success and fulfilment.

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How To Become A Wealthy Author

Discover success in 'How To Become a Wealthy Author' by Greg Parry. Unraveling the secrets of writing, the guide emphasizes hard work, goals, and effective habits. Parry's insights pave the way for a prosperous writing career. A five-star review highlights his ability to debunk myths and unleash hidden potentials.

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