How to Write 37 Different Types of Blog Post

How to Write 37 Different Types of Blog Post

How to Write 37 Different Types of Blog Post: Blog posts for traffic, sales and subscribers



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How to Write 37 Different Types of Blog Post
How to Write 37 Different Types of Blog Post

Book Details

  • Title: How to Write 37 Different Types of Blog Post: Blog posts for traffic, sales and subscribers
  • Series: Blogging Book (Book 2)
  • Author: Sarah Arrow
  • Genre: Non-fiction
  • Format: Ebook
  • Length: 69 pages
  • Publication Date: March 5, 2015
  • Publisher:


I love questions. A good question always includes the answer. Sarah Arrow’s book starts with one, a question that includes the answer and a promise also. “Do you wish that your blog posts had more views?… the post that will go viral…”

For sure the author got me here. The best hook for my mind and heart was just hurled my way. Yes! I want this, and I will do whatever is necessary to reach this phase. Therefore, I decided to read more, wanting to see what the author would share on the subject. Now, I can say that I don’t regret taking my time.

How to write 37 different types of blog post” will give you useful information about the types of blog posts that work and their reason for why you’ll have success. You will also understand how to get the best results using the type of blog posts that you chose.

If you want to know how to avoid blogging mistakes, or how to plan your blog’s content, I recommend reading Sarah Arrow’s book. This was already the third or fourth book I have read by this author. After reading each one of her books I always told myself… Sarah Arrow is a “blogging Encyclopedia”.

This book follows the same scenario as the others. Once the author starts to explain a subject, you can be sure that it will start from the very beginning. Before reaching the last page of the book, you will notice that you no longer have any question remaining; because you have already found the answers to any potential questions inside the book.

Some examples… and these are only tiny examples… I always wondered how to include a call to action in my posts. Well, the author explains this aspect so well that my logic doesn’t have any further question about it.

Before reading “How to write 37 different types of blog post,” I had never heard of content curation. Maybe you already know about it, but for me this was a mind blowing subject. In the past, I had many moments when I struggled producing a post in a very short period of time, and although I handled it, the stress was overwhelming. Now I feel that I just received a savior idea for these kinds of situations.

Another very important part for me was the chapter dedicated to selling on my website. My goal is to make a living from my writing; therefore it was a nice surprise to see this subject also explained in it.

More than this, reading the book and seeing such a well-organized list with all 37 types of posts, I suddenly felt that I will never have another “writer’s block” moment. My mind can temporary be “blocked” by one, two, or three subjects but… for sure not all 37 types.

To conclude, I recommend this book to anyone who is serious about blogging, no matter if you have been blogging for a long or short time. A special recommendation is addressed directly to all beginner bloggers. I know how it is to start in this field; I know how hard it is to track the good information down on all aspects you will encounter. Reading this book will provide you an abundance of valuable knowledge and more than this, you will have all you need in a single source.

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About the Author

Sarah Arrow

Sarah Arrow is a 42 year old mum who discovered blogging and social media by accident. It helped rescue her failing transport business from the credit crunch and for that she is eternally grateful. She’s recently been named as one of the top 50 influential marketers and bloggers in the UK. One of her sites has been listed by Forbes 3 times as a top website for women.

Sarah believes there is an alternative to cold calling; its called writing blog posts, this led her to social media marketing and all the exciting and fun things that come from promoting your business online. Sarah is one of the few bloggers that have learned blogging from the ground up by promoting offline services and bricks and mortar businesses. Her experience is priceless to many other small business owners.

She also knows that blogging and social media isn’t out of the reach of ordinary business people, that they can reach their target markets easily with a little assistance. Hence her Kindle guides on the subject.

Married to Kevin, her childhood sweetheart and mum to three beautiful daughters, Jessica, Kira and Jasmine, and grandma to Jacob.

Sarah lives in Essex, enjoys watching sci-fi films and being with her family. She can be frequently found tweeting about Essex and social media when she thinks nobody is looking.

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