10 Takes: Pacific Northwest Writers – Perspectives on Writing

The book’s title grabbed my attention making me curious to see how a Pacific Northwest writer sees the writing world. I am not from the Northwest area and will probably never be, but I was even more curious what the book was about, knowing that Jennifer Roland, the author, is “a freelance and marketing writer with more than 20 years of experience in newspaper, magazine, and marketing environments.

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There's a Hamster in the Dashboard

There’s a Hamster in the Dashboard

The first story, about Sally, the dog who succeeded to bring back home the future author, while he was so small that he couldn’t even remember those moments, hooked me and sincerely speaking brought a few tears into my eyes; tears that came back while reading some other stories included in “There’s a Hamster in the Dashboard“.

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A Dog Drams of Paris cover

A Dog Dreams of Paris

Meet April, a rescue dog turned Parisian Diva in this whimsical picture book. Authored by Barbara Barth, it’s April’s travel diary imagining her adventures in the city of lights. With a vintage pink hat and a portion of sales dedicated to animal rescue, the book brings smiles to all ages. Join April on her charming journey and support a good cause.

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Steps (Book Review)

Book Details Title: Steps Author: Eric Trant Genre: Science Fiction Format: Kindle & Paperback Length: 288 pages Publication Date: June 16, 2014 Publisher: WiDo Publishing

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arkane thrillers

ARKANE Thrillers (Book Review)

In a nutshell… I just closed the pages of the trilogy, and I am stunned sitting in my chair. While my heart still races, my eyes look to the screen as lots of thoughts invaded my mind. I am not sure if I just read a non-fiction or fiction book. I am not sure if… I am not sure of anything at this moment. Joanna Penn’s books opened in front of my internal eyes such a deep world that I do not know where to begin.

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Plan your non-fiction book in a weekend

Plan Your Non-Fiction Book in a Weekend

Jacqui Malpass’s guide, ‘Plan Your Non-Fiction Book In A Weekend,’ empowers authors. From essence discovery to publication, this strategic journey blends inspiration and technique. With practical tools and expert guidance, create a purposeful, impactful book stress-free. Discover your book’s core, outline strategy, and reader profile efficiently. Whether starting or reorganizing your project, Jacqui’s insights pave the path to authorial success.

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Sugar Detox: Cure Your Sugar Addiction And Start Eating Healthy With Smart Sugar-Free Diet

Sugar Detox

“Sugar Detox” by Tony Milton is your key to breaking free from sugar addiction. With a science-backed plan, conquer cravings and regain control of your health. Start your journey to a happier, healthier you. Available on Amazon US.

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