The Pitch Perfect Review

A review is an evaluation of a publication, product, service, event or company. It can be positive or critical.


My Rules

  • A review, that I decide to publish, will always be positive.

  • My reviews will never follow a predetermined scheme. They are done accordingly with the connection that I feel with the subject of the review.

  • If you ask me to review a book, a product, or event, and my review will be critical, I will not publish it but rather I will always sincerely tell you my opinion, providing my arguments with it.

  • The reason for not publishing negative reviews is my belief that everything is relative and subjective. I am not here to demolish you. If I do not like something, it does not mean your book/product is not good. It only means that my taste is different from other people’s taste.

  • Any positive review, which I will endorse and publish on my website, will always be promoted free, in my network.

  • If you hire me to professionally review your products, you have to accept that my review can also be critical. I will not publish it, this is up to you, but you will know my documented point of view.

To better understand what kind of reviews I make, it might be best for you to read the following article, which I wrote some time ago. It talks about book reviews, but the main idea can be applied to any other review that I provide.

Reviewing Books in a New World

Reviewing Books In A New World

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